Greetings Adventurers. This is the Sparks of Arda Offical Wikia. If this is your first time learning about this server you may read about our server here.

Here in Spark of Arda, we encourage realism in gameplay, we plan to implement more gameplay changing features to further reach our goal. One way we brought a sense of realism is the implementation of new gameplay changing rules which enhance a Kingdom’s Economy Complexity, and Wars.

Rules Edit

These are the basic essential need-to-know rules for our server. Click me!

These are the rules for you to know to participate in WARS our server. Click me!

These are the rules for our unique Economy gameplay feature. Click me!

Staff Edit

Owner Alcarin_I Vendetta_J
Admin EnderEnchantress Itz_Swishly
Moderator HieronymusFlex zrbs117 Vendetta_E
Helper MissFortunate_ AngryShark388 Vendetta_L
Builder spartan_180 SirAngband Nargushk Finnick_Odair Velaryon_V

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Discord Edit

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