The Champions Game (Official Trailer)

The Champions Game (Official Trailer)

Welcome, to the Champions Game! On this server you will first join a faction, then start your great conquest. When building, a staff member can assist you with World Edit (only for Lore builds or when making a Dwarven build. Unless approved by the Owner or Head Admin). Relics/Lore Items can be gained by exploration, winning an event, or by becoming a Lore character (Learn more on Lore characters on the Forums page).

Wars are highly encouraged on this server, we have created a very in depth war system that you can find on our Forums. In a war you can have a certain amount of troops. NOTE: You cannot use any mithril during wars, only faction gear.

List of Staff:

Owner: WilliamPlayz117

Head Admin; ChunkyYT.

Moderators: WL345.

Helpers: darksolo50.

Discord Admins: Kasanumi, kippenswag.



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