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Welcome traveller, to the Rise of Morgoth!

The Rise of Morgoth server is a survival-roleplay server that has been running for more than 5 years. We recently reopened, so there is much room for new players!

The server features systems in place for faction leadership, alliances, a small player base (for those looking for a fresh server), a system of Lore-characters and weapons, and plugins that enhance the Middle-Earth experience. The Discord is located here, feel free to join it. If you have any problems connecting or problems in-game, the Discord is the best place to contact staff.

(Some players have had trouble connecting to the server due to missing mods. As noted on the Servers page and in the Infobox on this page, CustomNPCs mod version 1.7.10d is required.)

Current Server News[]

  • We have a modpack that you can use if you prefer, which is always up to the latest version of the mod, and includes Mapwriter, CustomNPCs, LOTR NEI (for recipes), MorePlayerModels2, and Damage Indicators. If the server ever adds another mod, this modpack will include it. This modpack is not required to join the server. Only CustomNPCs 1.7.10d and the latest Legacy version of the LotR mod are required.
  • The server is once again up and running! All lore positions and factions are available.
  • If you are looking to play as an Evil faction, this may be the server for you! Most players that are currently playing are members of the Free Peoples, and so the Forces of Evil are in need of members

Server Rules[]

For more information on the rules of the server, do /rules.

[1] Activity in the overworld is not allowed. It causes a lot of lag.

[2] No griefing Large-scale builds. (Looting NPC buildings is not considered griefing)

[3] Extensive swearing is not encouraged.

[4] Do not harass the staff (please notify the owner if a staff member harasses you)

[5] No camp-killing players. Refrain from killing new players fresh out of spawn.

[6] There is no PvPing at spawn.

[7] No hacking allowed. You will be banned without warning.

[8] Keep the world beautiful. It's ugly to see random explosion holes and floating trees.

[9] Do not make custom waypoints less than 200 blocks from anyone's build unless given permission by the owner of the build.

[10] No spawn killing or killing someone within 30 seconds after they've logged in. In the event of TP killing, it counts if they die within 5 minutes of logging /tping.

[11] Fangorn forest is dangerous! It may cause the user's data to become corrupted and crash the server. You will lose your items if you do this, since the only way to fix this is to delete your user data. Tread at your own risk.

[12] Speaking of Corrupted Data, ALWAYS hit respawn after you die. If you don't, you may cause your data to be corrupted.

[13] Don't excessively advertise.

[14] Don't be unrealistic with More Player Models. Follow lore. (Example: A wood-elf player using Balrog model wouldn't make sense.)

[15] Grinders, mob farms, etc are not allowed.

Didn't follow the rules? Or wrongly banned? Here are the Ban Appeals.


To contact an admin, it is recommended that you leave a message on their wall either on this wiki or on the Rise of Morgoth Server wiki. If there is an admin on the server and you wish to contact them about a private matter, use this command: /helpop (insert message here), or contact one on the Discord.



  • N/A

Helpers (Sub-admins)[]

  • Currently none, pre-selected candidates will be put here when the server requires more staff

Our Server Wiki[]

Our server wikia home page is located here. Some recommended pages on the wiki include the diplomacy page and the factions page.

Server Factions[]

All information on our factions can be found here on the Rise of Morgoth Server wiki.

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