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General Info[]

Plotworld is a sub-server of The Second Server That Wont Rule Anything. Its purpose is to provide a creative building environment for players on the The Second Server That Wont Rule Anything. You can download your builds in the form of a schematic and then use them on a different server or in singleplayer. You will need schematica to use schematic files.


In order to play on this server, you will need to have quite a few mods from our modpack.


Discord is a place where people can chat while they play. It is easy to set up and it won't cost you anything. We try to keep a friendly chat community going and anyone who is planing to play on the server is welcome. Discord is by far the best way to contact a staff member if you ever have a problem. If your name on Discord is different than your Minecraft name, please tell us who you are.

If you see this, your JavaScript might be disabled or DiscordIntegrator plugin isn't working. If the latter, please contact a wiki administrator.


There are many commands that you may find useful, whether it be simple or complex. They are listed below along with their function.

/warp plot
This warps you to the spawnpoint of the plotworld.
/plot claim
This claims the plot you are currently in, provided it has not already been claimed.
/plot download schematic
This downloads the plot you are in as a schematic, provided you are the owner of said plot.
/plot auto
This claims the plot nearest to spawn.
/plot trust <player>
This allows a player to build in your plot at any time.
/plot add <player>
This allows a player to build in your plot only when you're online.
/plot remove <player>
This teleports the player outside of your plot.
/plot deny <player>
This prevents a player from entering your plot.
/plot list <mine|shared|all>
This lists all your own plots, plots you share, and all plots respectively.
/plot merge <all|n|e|s|w>
This gets rid of the road in between plots to form a larger plot. You can merge all your connected plots at once, or use cardinal directions for more precise control.
/plot unlink
This unmerges a plot that was previously merged. If there are more than two plots merged, it will unmerge all of the connected plots.
/plot done
This marks a plot as done.
/plot continue
This lets you continue a plot that was marked as done.
/plot middle
This teleports you to the middle of the current plot you're in.
/plot toggle chat
This toggles global chat within your plot. Normally, chatting in a plot is localized to the plot.
/plot visit <player> [#]
This lets you visit other players plots.


Although all staff of The Second Server That Wont Rule Anything have permissions, this server is primarily managed by Milk. Please direct your questions, comments, and concerns to Milk, or the staff as a whole.

Staff of The Second Server That Wont Rule Anything

Anglinex Jayke57 JKB22 MilkMC Presence10


BanAbonnen burgundyheart TheCrafter4000


Bluehush ThyWatermelon


  1. No griefing. Many items have been restricted to prevent griefing. If you find yourself needing one of these items and not having access, just ask staff and they will place it for you, provided it stays within the boundaries of your plot.
  2. If you claim a plot, build something on it. If you have an empty plot or nearly empty plot, it will be removed.
  3. By default, plots are limited to four per player. If you find yourself needing more, just ask staff to add them for you.

Ban Appeals[]

If you were banned and you wish to make a ban appeal, you can do so by writing a ban appeal on our forums. In your ban appeal, you will want to include the following:

  • Your IGN
  • The offense you committed that resulted in your ban.
  • Why you deserve to be pardoned. This is an argument to convince the staff why you should be pardoned. Also, proper grammar and a calm, respectful attitude will increase your chances of getting pardoned.

Note: Successful ban appeals are very unlikely as almost all bans will be as a consequence of griefing. Griefers are not welcome on this server, and unless proved otherwise, your ban appeal will be almost assuredly rejected.

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