Third Age: Rise of War Edit

Welcome to Third Age: Rise of War! This is a server that runs the Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod. Our server is aimed for the fun of players, beautiful buildings (both lore and your own ideas, concerning the variety of builds that are not described by Tolkien), and epic wars/quests. Our lore is strictly LOTR lore, with some exceptions. As the title says, this server focuses on faction politics and war.

Server Team Edit

Owner: Nick/𝖕𝖑𝖚𝖒 𝖕𝖚𝖉𝖉𝖎𝖓/SaxonSavage/Aragorn: A nice Dutch guy who is an absolute freak at history.

Admin Mayalana/Arwen: Ask her your questions, she is very helpful and always there. Community admin.

Admin Niclas/bluenic02/Ar-Adûnar: The German Meister of Blitzkrieg and Politics. Gameplay admin.

Moderator Evelien/Echuriel/Galadriel: The Dutch tsundere.

Moderator Frost/Pelh4s3/Sauron: The fake German server gestapo.

Quest Master Sandy/hopffull: Ready to present you with some intriguing and fruitful quests. Also serves as our imperial guard, scaring away bad guys.

Rules Edit

The main server rule section is divided into 3 categories: Server rules, social rules and game play rules. We also have trade rules and pvp rules.


Server rules: The main rules of the server of whom most are obvious.

Social rules: The rules concerning your overall behaviour on the server.

Game play rules: The rules that see to it that you play realistic

and to make it more fun for both you and your counterparts.

            The rules are shared and sorted in a google document here for

            your convenience.


There is however much more to the server than just the rules,

we have an advanced and organised gameplay system with

maps, diplomacy files, regional events, warfare files, that is

always kept up to date, matching with diplomatic and strategic

decision making by faction leaders and their vassals. Much of

this is to be found on our discord server:



Because the server had a fresh restart some time ago all buildings will have to be rebuild. Realise that we on our server highly value realistic and aesthetic builds with high standards, making it hard for us to have many builders as most lack the skills to meet our requirements. However, so far a couple of builds have been completed, or are significantly worked on, small ones will be included until we have dozens of them:

-Various small landscape features like carrock, Last Bridge, Old Ford, Brandywine Bridge and Ferry, etc.


-Beorn's Halls

-Southern Downs (Dúnedain village with ruins), Sarn Ford

-Helm's Deep

-Fords of the Isen

-Anat An-Khorumor


-Black Gate

-Scatha's Lair


-Carn Dûm

-Dol Guldur



-Moria (entirety of it)

Several builds are constantly being worked on and this list might expand sooner rather than later.

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