Tolkien Online is a Middle-Earth server based around the time period of The Third Age but is more of a custom version of the Tolkien's World with parts of Middle-Earth from The Lord of the Rings currently Seeking to be rebuilt we are looking for Builders with talented art skills. We have an active community of almost 200 members and a friendly staff team. This server is mainly focused on the war between the Free Peoples and The Shadow. Players can choose their faction and join a nation led by players. The economy and story is player-driven with battles, wars, diplomacy, and trade all regulated by the players. Building is another major aspect of Tolkien Online, and players are able to protect their builds with banners. We have almost 150 lore-accurate locations from Middle-Earth for factions to control. Our modpack includes a few extra mods for performance and are required the modpack is very very small compared to others .

If you are planning to play on the server, be sure to join the discord:


Please keep swearing to a minimum.

Do not harass a player either on the server or on the Discord.

2020-06-14 21.08.21

Promoting other servers / communities is forbidden.

Do not spam emojis, user tagging, or all caps in the Discord.

Abusing exploits is a bannable offense.

Griefing is allowed if the structure is not claimed by any player.

PVP is allowed, but spawn trapping and excessive PVP without a reason is discouraged.

Please try to keep in-game chat semi lore-related.

RP is opt-in, not necessary.

Faction wars must be announced in #wars of the Discord server.


Tolkien Online is owned and operated by SownAthlete5923

Other administrators include PVT_Lucifer, No_Classic, DreadlistX, Da_cookie_eater, and SoldierOfEvil.

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