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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Shire Heather is a plant found commonly in the woodlands and moorlands of the Shire. It appears on an Oddment Collector, and is interestingly the only item that is for sale by them, aside from interesting meat. It sometimes spawns in tavern flowerpots.

Heather is a real-world flower mentioned in Tolkien's books as existing in the Shire and Ithilien. The plant can be used for dyes in real life too, but the resulting colour is yellow, not magenta as it is in the mod.

Heather can be used for decoration by placing the item in a flowerpot. It can be grown when bonemeal is used on the Shire moorland or woodland ground.


This flower can be used in a regular crafting table or the player's inventory to create magenta dye, alike to other mod flowers.

vanilla crafting recipe
Shire Heather
Magenta Dye