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Note: Shrek's House's coordinates will not be posted on this page. Please do not ask for them.

Shrek is an easter-egg that has been added as an April fool on April 1st, 2014 when Mevans said that he would stop making the Lord of the Rings mod and would be transforming it into the Shrek mod instead (Link to the original post on facebook).

Shrek was actually in the mod ever since the Middle-earth terrain generation was released in February 2014, but he was not seen until the April Fool's post.

Shrek appears in the game as a troll with green skin. He spawns only in his unique house that lies in the Dead Marshes together with a donkey, a cat and Drek, the blue equivalent of Shrek.

Shrek is very hard to kill, and his health is OVER 9000!


Shrek has 100,000,000 HP so he is very hard to kill. Fortunately, he also is passive and doesn't fight back. He won't turn to stone in the sun as trolls will because he's an ogre, not a troll.

The donkey and the cat also have the same amount of health and are not tameable.

Shrek's House[]

Shrek's House is a small wooden hut that is built in the bottom of a giant tree (around the size of the biggest Fangorn trees). This house was always generated at the coordinates X=76807, Z=51209, regardless of the seed, but was recently moved.


Shrek was first discovered by Thorren Buch on July 28th 2014 (original facebook post). For the discovery, Thorren was given a middle-earth cape as a reward, but it was later converted to a shield.

Shrek was later refound by Grievous1138. Mevans has taken no action on this.

Even later, Shrek was refound by Deadly_Forest, together with his nemesis Drek.


The reason Shrek is green is hidden in the code. The code says that any troll named Shrek will be green. This does not happen normally, because Shrek is not on the normal list for Troll names. Likewise, the code says any troll named Drek will be blue-ish, but that is not a normal troll name either.