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Note: Shrek's House's coordinates will not be posted on this page. Please do not ask for them.

Shrek's House is an Easter Egg in the Lord of the Rings mod. It contains Shrek, a donkey, a cat, and Drek.

It used to spawn at X: 76807 Z: 51209, which is in the Dead Marshes, but was moved to X: 78089 Z: 49919, and then moved again to unspecified coordinates that will never be revealed on this wiki. It was a test by Mevans to see if he could get a structure to spawn in one specific place, because major structures (Minas Tirith, Helm's Deep, etc) will eventually be added, and they will have to consistently spawn in the same places.

Note: These will still be coming in the far future. Be patient.

For those who are wondering why the coords are not to be posted here, the house was moved because they were posted here.


Shrek's House consists of a large tree with a wooden hut beneath it. It is one-roomed and has a dirt floor. The room contains a sign that says, "Check yourself before you Shrek yourself." and a sign that says "SHREK IS DREK"



This house has four inhabitants. The first is a cat, which has been tamed and is a tabby. The cat is automatically sitting. The second is a donkey with extreme health. The third is Shrek, a Troll who has been named "Shrek". A piece of code changes any trolls named Shrek a green colour. Recently, it was found that Drek also lives in the house, a blue form of Shrek.

Shrek and Drek.png


  • This structure, along with the Ring of Isengard, Rammas Echor, The Pits, Erebor Mountain, Mount Doom, the giant cherry tree in Mordor, many mountains and hills (the Eagles Eyrie, Weathertop, etc.), is one of the only structures in the mod so far that always spawns in the same place.
  • Shrek's House was first found by Thorren Buch on July 28, 2014. Thorren was given a cape for this, which was later converted to a shield. After being moved, the house was refound by Gen. Grievous1138. It was once again re-found by Deadly Forest, who discovered Drek. Since that Tato le Hobbit refound the house again.