The Silver nugget is a small piece of silver equivalent to one-ninth of a silver ingot, from which they may be crafted. One silver ingot will therefore yield nine silver nuggets.


Silver nuggets can be crafted from silver ingots on a crafting table or in the player's inventory. One silver ingot yields nine silver nuggets.

vanilla crafting recipe
Silver Ingot
Silver Nugget

Since the addition of the Unsmeltery, silver rings can be 'unsmelted' into some silver nuggets.


Silver nuggets are very valuable, as they can be crafted into silver coins, which are used in trading and hiring units. Silver nuggets are also used to craft silver rings, but these rings currently have no use in the mod. Four silver nuggets can be crafted into four silver coins. Players can also make trimmed Dwarven armour using silver nuggets with eight nuggets surrounding one piece of armour (helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots) on Dwarven Crafting Table.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Silver CoinEdit

Craft Silver Coin

Silver RingEdit

Craft Silver Ring