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This page describes a feature from vanilla Minecraft.

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Skeleton Skulls are the remains of humanoid creatures. They function in the same way as in vanilla Minecraft.


Besides obtaining them in the vanilla way in the Overworld, skulls can be found throughout Middle-earth in a variety of ways.

Generated structures[]

Skulls generate as blocks in a few structures, including:

... just be careful around the inhabitants of said structures!

Skulls can also be found, in item form, as loot in the chests of various ruined structures.

Remains blocks[]

They can also be acquired from remains blocks in the dead marshes, although one must be warned that extracting said remains can prove dangerous.

Renewable loot[]

Finally, skulls are a semi-rare reward from mystery webs, and from fishing.


Beyond their vanilla usage and as a decorative block, they may also be used to craft skull cups. Drinking from a skull cup grants the achievement "Sick Joke".

They are also used to craft Minas Morgul banners (which act like generic Mordor banners).

They can also be used to craft an Orc skull staff.