The sky is something people normally don't pay much attention to. It only becomes important when something unusual happens, like a sudden thunderstorm on a bright day. It is the home of the clouds, the sun, the moon and the stars. Butterflies and birds need it to survive.

The Mod changes the display of the sky considerably. This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled via the config file.

As in the vanilla game, the sky currently serves little purpose other than decoration.

Differences from vanillaEdit

  • The main difference that you'll notice quite quickly, is that the sky changes colour, as soon as you change regions. In combination with mist, the change of vegetation, wildlife and buildings, these colour changes add a lot to the ambience of a biome.
  • The display of the sun during the day and the moon and the stars at night also differ quite a lot from the standard vanilla game.



  • This feature seems to have been in the Mod since the beginning. It was improved in Public Beta 17 and altered for several biomes since then. The night sky was massively improved in Public Beta 22. Public Beta 33 added the Star of Eärendil to the morning and evening sky.
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