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Neither [Sam] nor Frodo knew anything of the great slave-worked fields away south in this wide realm, beyond the fumes of the Mountain by the dark sad waters of Lake Núrnen[.]

The Return of the King, The Land of Shadow

Slaves of Nurn are Men captured by the forces of Mordor and put to work on the fields of Nurn. They tend to wheat farms in small groups of three to five, and are sold by Orc Slavers. Most of these slaves appear to be Gondorian in origin, and are classified as part of the Gondor faction, though they are not attacked by enemies of Gondor. They can be male or female, and carry Mordor Hoes.


Naturally-spawned Slaves of Nurn spend their time tending to the farms on which they spawn. They will attack neither allies nor enemies of Mordor, and speak to all players as if they were servants of Sauron.

Slaves of Nurn are technically part of the Gondor faction, but enemies of Gondor are not hostile towards them, and they will not attack enemies of Gondor in turn. This also means that enemies of Mordor will not attack them either. Because of this, Mordor players can attack and kill Nurn slaves if they so choose, without any repercussions. Killing the slaves will decrease one's alignment with Gondor, but it will not increase alignment with Mordor.

If players do attack naturally-spawned Slaves of Nurn, the slaves will fight back, and any nearby slaves will join in. They are pitifully easy to kill, however, as they have no armour or proper weapons.

A group of slaves on a Nurn farm.


Slaves of Nurn are only sold by Orc slavers, who can only be found on wooden towers scattered across the region. Players need at least +200 Mordor alignment to purchase a slave, and the starting price for one is 80 silver coins (though this can go down to as few as 20 coins).

Interacting with a slave.

After being purchased, Slaves of Nurn will follow players around, and can be talked to or dismissed by their masters. Once a farm for them to tend has been established, they can be commanded to begin farming, at which point they stop following players and begin farming. Despite their lack of proper allegiance to Mordor, Slaves of Nurn will desert players whose alignment with Mordor drops below +200.


Sereral slaves of Nurn are working on a farm.

The primary purpose of Slaves of Nurn is, of course, farming. To maximize the usefulness of slaves, proper Minecraft farming techniques should be followed (which means proper irrigation, building in a suitable location, proper protection, etc). Additionally, player-built farms should feature scarecrows to keep away birds and sand beneath blocks that slaves shouldn't turn into farmland.

Players can command slaves to begin farming within a certain radius, at which point they will begin wandering around and tending to crops. Slaves of Nurn have four inventory slots - one for seeds, two for crops, and one for bonemeal. Slaves can be given seeds for any farmable plant, but they must be given at least two for them to begin farming. Slaves will automatically wander around tilling farmable land, planting seeds in it, and harvesting crops once they're fully-grown. Slaves will pick up seeds and crops from harvesting and sort them into their respective inventory slots. Players can also give slaves bonemeal, which they will occasionally use to speed up crop growth.

Players can manually take crops from slaves' inventories, or they can put down chests with hoes in item frames mounted on the front. Slaves will automatically access chests with hoes mounted on them, depositing crops and retrieving seeds and bonemeal.

Rabbits will not try to steal crops that are being tended by slaves.



  • Must get back to work.
  • I fear the lash...
  • The Eye watches, always, always, always...
  • The great Eye is ever watchful, Person.
  • Freedom? Ha! We have no freedom here, Person.
  • This work is hard, but I must not complain.
  • The very air is foul here!
  • All these crops, and not a scrap for us to eat...
  • Maybe... maybe one day I shall be free.
  • Truly, Person, the strength of Men has failed.
  • You Men of the Darkness are worse than the foulest Morgul-scum.
  • I have lived on these farms, and it seems I shall die on these farms.
  • If I don't get back to work soon, I will get another ten lashes!
  • I must obey. I must serve the ever-watching Eye.
  • His gaze is ever upon us. We will never be free.
  • The Eye's armies do not feed themselves, Person! We must do his bidding or face death and torture!
  • Shall I ever be free?
  • Is there still hope beyond the walls of Mordor?


  • What does my master command?
  • What would you have me farm, my lord?
  • Must get back to work.
  • I fear the lash...
  • I am working as hard as I can, my lord.
  • What is my next task, my lord Person?
  • All these crops, and not a scrap for us to eat...
  • What do you require of me, master?
  • I will do as you command.
  • Can I have some bread, master?
  • I'm working as hard as I can! Please, no more lashes!
  • What do you want me to do, my lord Person?
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