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Slings are projectile weapons that deal very little damage and are very hard to control. They are shot very differently from bows or crossbows. When you kill a large foe (such as a Troll or Ent) with a pebble fired from a sling, you gain the achievement "David and Goliath".


Slings use pebbles (crafted from gravel) instead of bolts or arrows as ammo. Another unique characteristic about slings is that they have instant shot much like the early Minecraft bows or snowballs. This causes them to be harder to aim and control.


The Sling is crafted using 5 sticks, 1 string and 1 leather. It is crafted on a normal crafting table.

vanilla crafting recipe
any stick
any stick
any stick
any stick
any stick

Obtaining them[]

To obtain a sling you can either make them by using the recipe (see above), get them from a Dalish cracker, or you can kill a Hobbit Bounder, which drop it occasionally. Hobbit Bounders use slings as their main weapon and if you cause mayhem in the Shire they will not hesitate to take their slings out on you.


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