The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki

Smith's Scrolls are used to apply equipment modifiers to tools, weapons and armour. Note that only positive modifiers can be found as scrolls naturally, but negative modifiers can be obtained via commands.


Smith's Scrolls can be obtained by looting chests inside the mod's many Generated Structures. They can also be obtained as a rare drop from most NPC's or upon completing mini-quests.


To modify the tool, weapon or piece of armour with the scroll bearing the modifier of your choice it is combined with the item in the anvil, as shown in the image below. The smithing process will cost a certain number of ingots or other raw materials that the item is made of. They are analogous to the enchanted books found in vanilla Minecraft.

The Anvil GUI

Additionally, scrolls with lower-level modifiers can be combined to create a higher-tier one. This is done by visiting a blacksmith and using the 'smith' GUI (in the same way that two weapons can be combined), then paying them a sizable sum of coins. For example, two 'sharp' scrolls can be combined into one 'keen' scroll for 200 coins ( 200 ).

Combining scrolls in this way for the first time awards the achievement "Expert Knowledge".

The cost for each possible upgrade is given in the table below:

Upgrade Category Cost
Sharp -> Keen Melee - damage 200
Keen -> Mighty Melee - damage 800
Mighty -> Legendary Melee - damage 1500
Hefty -> Hulking Melee - knockback 2500
Hardy -> Lasting Durability 300
Lasting -> Enduring Durability 1500
Handy -> Nimble Tools - speed 200
Nimble -> Hasty Tools - speed 800
Hasty -> Masterful Tools - speed 1500
Lucky -> Fortunate Luck 400
Fortunate -> Blessed Luck 1500
Tough -> Steadfast Armour - protection 2000
Cooling -> Unwithering Armour - fire 400
Unwithering -> Belegostian Armour - fire 1500
Thicksoled -> Strongshod Armour - fall 400
Strongshod -> Lightfooted Armour - fall 1500
Glancing -> Deflecting Armour - projectiles 400
Deflecting -> Eölean Armour - projectiles 1500
Strong -> Powerful Ranged - damage 400
Powerful -> Fierce Ranged - damage 1500
Punching -> Striking Ranged - knockback 2500