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This feature is present in: Legacy only.

He [Helm Hammerhand] would go out by himself, clad in white, and stalk like a snow-troll into the camps of his enemies, and slay many men with his hands. It was believed that if he bore no weapon no weapon would bite on him.

The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A

Snow-trolls are evil creatures that inhabit some of the colder regions of Middle-earth. They are the smallest trolls in the mod and have the lowest health but have a unique ranged attack.

Killing a Snow-troll awards the player with the achievement and title "Snow-troll Slayer".


Snow-trolls attack enemies of Angmar on sight, and when exposed to sunlight, they run in panic in search of a shadowy place or a body of water. If they can't reach any of those places in time, they will shatter in a shower of snow particles.

Like other Troll species, Snow-trolls can also spawn with two-heads, which greatly increases their health, strength and speed.

As you might expect from a creature which inhabits the colder regions of the world, Snow-trolls are immune to frost attacks.


When in combat, Snow-trolls have two different weapons, one melee and one ranged: a wooden club to dispatch enemies in close combat, which deals 5 ( 5 ), and snowballs to defeat distant foes, which deal 3 ( 3 ).


Unlike the other Trolls in the mod, Snow-trolls can't be recruited.

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