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Snowballs are a vanilla item that is used in various ways by the mod. The mod adds a configurable 'snowy stone' texture for the sides of snow-capped stone blocks, shown below.

Snowy Stone


Snow can be found as a layer or as a block in many of the colder, more mountainous regions of Middle-earth, such as Forodwaith and the Misty Mountains.

They are also dropped by Snow-trolls upon their death.


Snowballs can be thrown, dealing knockback but no damage. Snow-trolls also throw snowballs at range (dealing 3 (3hearts)) but like snowballs thrown by the player, these do not drop.

Snowballs are used to craft snowy Angmar bricks, as shown below.

Angmar crafting recipe
Angmar Crafting
Angmar Brick
Snowy Angmar Brick
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