This article is dedicated to cataloging all of the sounds added by this mod.

Sounds play an important role while enjoying The Lord of the Rings Mod. If you ever heard the battlecry of a dwarf, the "Mae govannen!" (well met) of an elf, or the hiss of an angry swan, you'll never forget it. All those sounds create a nice atmosphere, which makes it easy to plunge into the realms of Middle-earth.

Normally, sounds play randomly, if you are in a certain distance of a mob. They can also be triggered by certain events, like mobs being slain, weapons being used, enemies attacking, or the player getting robbed. The ambient sounds are enabled by default, but can be disabled via the config file.

Since Public Beta 30, the possibility to play music is also included in the Mod, which is disabled by default, but can be enabled and configured via the config file.


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Aurochs Hurt Aurochs Death Aurochs Speech
Hurt Aurochs
Death Aurochs
Say1 Aurochs
Say2 Aurochs
Say3 Aurochs


Bird Hurt Bird Speech Bird Speech
Hurt Bird
Say1 Bird
Say2 Bird
Say3 Bird
Say4 Bird
Say5 Bird
Say6 Bird
Say7 Bird
Say8 Bird
Say9 Bird
Say10 Bird
Say11 Bird
Say12 Bird
Say13 Bird
Say14 Bird
Say15 Bird
Crow Hurt Crow Speech Swan Hiss
Hurt1 Crow
Hurt2 Crow
Say1 Crow
Say2 Crow
Say3 Crow
Hiss Swan
Flamingo Death Flamingo Hurt Flamingo Speech
Death Flamingo
Hurt1 Flamingo
Hurt2 Flamingo
Say1 Flamingo
Say2 Flamingo


Crocodile Death Crocodile Snap Crocodile Speech
Death Crocodile
Snap Crocodile
Say Crocodile


Deer Hurt Deer Death Deer Speech
Death Deer
Hurt Deer
Say1 Deer
Say2 Deer


Dwarf Attack Dwarf Hurt Dwarf Kill
Attack Dwarf
Hurt Dwarf
Kill1 Dwarf
Kill2 Dwarf


Elf Attack Elf Speech Wood Elf Teleport
Attack Elf
Say1 Elf
Say2 Elf
WoodElf teleport


Elk Hurt Elk Death Elk Speech
Death Elk
Hurt Elk
Say1 Elk
Say2 Elk


Ent Step Mallorn Ent Leaf Attack Mallorn Ent Summon
Ent Step


Gate Open Gate Closed
Open Gate
Close Gate
Stone Gate Open Stone Gate Closed
StoneOpen Gate
StoneClose Gate


Gollum Death Gollum Hurt Gollum Speech
Death Gollum
Hurt1 Gollum
Hurt2 Gollum
Say1 Gollum
Say2 Gollum


Half-troll Death Half-troll Hurt Half-troll Speech
Death Half-troll
Hurt1 Half-troll
Hurt2 Half-troll
Say1 Half-troll
Say2 Half-troll


Balrog Whip Crossbow Shot Crossbow Load
Horn Mace of Sauron Mug Fill
Mug fill
Hobbit Pipe Puff Structure Spawner Gandalf Staff Fireball
Plate Break
Plate break

Marsh WraithEdit

Marsh Wraith Shoot Marsh Wraith Spawn
MarshWraith Shoot Wraith
Spawn Wraith


Lion Death Lion Hurt Lion Speech
Death Lion
Hurt Lion
Say Lion


Midges Swarm
Swarm1 Midges
Swarm2 Midges
Swarm3 Midges


Orc Hurt Orc Death
Hurt1 Orc
Hurt2 Orc
Death Orc
Orc Fire Orc Speech
Fire Orc
Say Orc


Rabbit Flee Rabbit Hurt Rabbit Death
Flee1 Rabbit
Flee2 Rabbit
Hurt1 Rabbit
Hurt2 Rabbit
Death Rabbit


Rhino Hurt Rhino Death Rhino Speech
Death Rhino
Hurt Rhino
Say Rhino


Treasure Pile Break Treasure Pile Place Treasure Pile Step
Break1 Treasure
Break2 Treasure
Break3 Treasure
Place1 Treasure
Step1 Treasure
Step2 Treasure
Step3 Treasure


Olog Hai Hammer Rock Smash Transform
OlogHai Hammer Troll
RockSmash Troll
Transform Troll
Troll Step Troll Sniff Troll Sneeze
Step Troll
Sniff Troll
Sneeze Troll
Troll Speech
Say Troll


Warg Attack Warg Death Warg Hurt
Attack1 Warg
Attack2 Warg
Attack3 Warg
Death1 Warg
Death2 Warg
Death3 Warg
Death4 Warg
Hurt1 Warg
Hurt2 Warg
Hurt3 Warg
Hurt4 Warg
Warg Speech Mk1 Warg Speech Mk2 Warg Speech Mk3
Say1 Warg
Say2 Warg
Say3 Warg
Say4 Warg
Say5 Warg
Say6 Warg
Say7 Warg


Wight Death Wight Hurt Wight Noise
Death1 Wight
Death2 Wight
Death3 Wight
Hurt1 Wight
Hurt2 Wight
Hurt3 Wight
Hurt4 Wight
Noise1 Wight
Noise2 Wight
Noise3 Wight
Noise4 Wight
Noise5 Wight
Wight Scream Wight Voice Wight Whisper
Scream1 Wight
Scream2 Wight
Voice1 Wight
Voice2 Wight
Voice3 Wight
Voice4 Wight
Voice5 Wight
Voice6 Wight
Voice7 Wight
Voice8 Wight
Whisper1 Wight


Zebra Hurt Zebra Death Zebra Speech
Death Zebra
Hurt Zebra
Say Zebra
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