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The Southron Fortress is a large structure that spawns in both the major regions of Near Harad (fertile and desert) and contains a large amount of bonuses for those aligned with the Southrons.


A Southron fortress is made of Haradric brick and walls and has a date palm tree on the highest turret. Inside, there are a few food items, a barrel of araq, two armour stands, both a regular crafting table and a Haradric crafting table as well as a furnace and two baskets with some food, drink and everyday items. Underneath the stairs are another two baskets that have items more unique to the Southrons, generally equipment based.

Along the front outer wall is a series of Southron banners.


On the top floor of the fortress is a Southron warlord that you can hire Southron units from if your Near Harad alignment is high enough.


This structure was added in Public Beta 18 as "Near Harad Fortress" in a first Harad redesign. In Public Beta 32 it was renamed "Southron Fortress" as all Near Harad related content was renamed. Finally it was removed in Update 34 during a complete redesign of Near Harad. Fortunately the structure survived as a half-buried ruin which contains a lot of loot.


Harad Contest Shield  The Southrons of Near Harad  Near Harad Banner

NPCs: Slave
Traders: Merchant
Items: Black Númenórean ArmourBowEquipmentRobes
Blocks: BasketBrickChestCrafting Table
Structures: Ancient FortressObeliskPyramid

Umbar Shield  The Corsairs of Umbar  Umbar Banner

NPCs: Umbarians (Archer, Banner Bearer, Corsair, Soldier) • Gondorian Renegade
Traders: BartenderBazaar TradersCaptain (Umbar) • FarmerSlaver
Items: Armour (Umbaric, Horse) • Equipment (Umbaric)
Blocks: BrickCrafting Table
Structures: CampHideoutSettlement

Near Harad Shield  The Southrons of the Coasts  Near Harad Banner

NPCs: Southrons (Archer, Banner Bearer, Champion, Warrior)
Traders: BartenderBazaar TradersFarmerWarlord
Items: Armour (Horse, Champion) • Equipment
Blocks: Crafting Table
Structures: Settlement

Harnedor Shield  The Harnedhrim of Harnennor  Near Harad Banner

NPCs: Harnedhrim (Archer, Banner Bearer, Farmhand, Warrior)
Traders: BartenderBazaar TradersFarmerWarlord
Items: Armour
Blocks: Crafting Table
Structures: CampSettlementWatchtower

HelmetNomad  The Nomads of the Great Desert  Southron Nomads Banner

NPCs: Nomads (Archer, Banner Bearer, Guard)
Traders: Bazaar TradersChieftainMerchant
Items: Armour
Blocks: Crafting Table
Structures: Settlement

Gulfing Shield  The Gulfings of Khopazul  Gulf of Harad Banner

NPCs: Gulfing (Archer, Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: BartenderBazaar TradersFarmerWarlord
Items: ArmourEquipment
Blocks: Crafting Table
Structures: Settlement

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