Spider pits are pit-like structures in which reside some spiders and a couple of Orcs. They come in two variations:

They resemble Warg pits in structure and appearance. The top of the pit is encircled by a charred wood fence, with a fence gate to allow the player or other entities to pass through, with a ladder coming from the ground up to it for accesibilty. It is illuminated with Orc torches on the inside of the structure.

Interior Edit

One pit will generally spawn 3-6 spiders of varying sizes (the Mordor spider keeper probably will be riding one), and may even spawn a few Mordor- or Dol Guldur Orcs. Players with at least +250 Mordor alignment may hire units from the spider keeper. The Dol Guldur pit will hold an Orc holding a lead, which has no special function so far.

It is suggested for those players who have a negative alignment to stay away from these pits because if they fall in, they will be attacked by multiple spiders. In case this happens there is a ladder to get you out.

For positive aligned players, it is possible to tame and ride one of the big spiders found here. You don't need a saddle, just try several times to mount it, until it accepts you. The spider is able to climb the walls of the pit.

There is also a treasure chest containing food, bones, raw materials, skulls and other 'garbage' (like rotten flesh). There is also a chance of finding a lead in the chest.


A Mordor spider pit.


A Dol Guldur spider pit.

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