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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

He was famished but not yet so famished as to eat flesh flung to him by an Orc, the flesh of he dared not guess what creature.

–Pippin in The Two Towers, The Uruk-hai

Suspicious Meat is a food item in the mod that can be obtained by salting rotten flesh of any origin or by purchasing it from jolly looking travelling traders in feathered hats who also carry truckloads of heather.


It can be produced by salting rotten flesh of any origin in a shapeless recipe. Upon crafting this meat for the first time, you gain the achievement "Suspicious...".

Shapeless crafting recipe
Shapeless Crafting
Rotten Flesh
Suspicious Meat


This salted meat provides a far better way to utilise rotten flesh for nutritional purposes. It can be eaten for 6 ( 6 ) hunger points and provides decent saturation, comparable to that of cooked zebra. In contrast to rotten flesh, the salted variant does not give you hunger effect.


This meat can be bought from oddment collectors, who tend to not disclose the origin of the meat, for possibly obvious good reasons.


As rotten flesh, the raw material used to produce suspicious meat, can also be obtained by cooking meat of human origin, you may want to think twice before you purchase any from traders or players that may have a questionable reputation with human factions of Middle-earth.

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