The swan feather is an item dropped by swans, which spawn in Dor-en-Ernil, Swanfleet, and Lothlórien. It is easily obtained because swans are mostly passive mobs with little health, making them easy to kill. However, on occasion a swan will make a loud hissing noise and become aggressive towards a player. On death a swan will drop one or two feathers.

The feather itself is a long white feather with silver highlights. It is significantly larger than a vanilla chicken feather.

Uses Edit

Swan feathers are required to craft a full suit of Dol Amroth armour, as they are used in the recipes for the helmet and chestplate, combined with iron ingots. They may also be used in place of (or as well as) standard feathers to craft: Winged Gondorian helmets, arrows, crossbow bolts and feathered hats.

Swan feathers cannot be used to firework stars, or book and quills.

Dyeing Edit

These swaggy feathers can also be used to decorate a fancy leather hat, undyed, or dyed with any of the dyes available in the Mod.

Undyeing Edit

As of Public Beta 28, feathers can be undyed using a cauldron. See the page on undyeing for more information on this.

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