The Table of Command is a conquest and unit hiring-related utility block.

On top of it is displayed a small map of the part of Middle-earth it was placed in — for instance, a table placed in the Shire will display a map of the Shire and part the surrounding regions — and you can change the zoom level on the map by right-clicking it while sneaking.

Conquest[edit | edit source]

As of Update 35, the Table of Command is used to display the status of the conquest of the factions of Middle-earth. When right-clicked (with anything other than a horn or sword of command), the Table of Command opens a sepia map of Middle-earth, and displays the conquered areas in red or grey following a grid. The conquest map can take a few seconds to appear, since the Table of Command must first collect all conquest related data with your faction.

Upon using the Table of Command to survey your faction's conquest status for the first time, you will earn the achievement "The Tides of the World".

A slider and a button, just like in the factions menu, allow you to navigate through all factions of the mod, Utumno excepted.


As the faction you are checking gains conquest points, the red tint of the conquered area will get darker and darker, and the red scale at the bottom of the map will adjust to match the range of conquest points. When displaying a part of the map, the area with the highest conquest will be displayed in the darkest red, and the tint will change if you move around the map to also display an area with a higher conquest.

For more information, please refer to the conquest page.

Unit Hiring[edit | edit source]

The Table of Command can also be used to assign your horns and swords of command to certain companies, allowing you to subdivide your hired forces into different groups for different purposes, and control each group individually.

The first officially released screenshot of the Table of Command.

To assign an item to a company, right-click on the table while holding a horn or sword of command. In the text box, write the name of your company. This command item will now command all and only units which are assigned to that company.

To assign troops to a company, right-click on them and select "Command". You will see another text box: write the name of the company in it. This hired unit will now only respond to commands from command items assigned to the same company.

You can also set the company of a hired unit in the Unit Hiring screen, before actually hiring the unit. This allows you to hire many units at once and automatically assign them all to a company.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

The crafting recipe is three paper on top, three of any kind of wooden plank in the middle, and three bronze ingots on the bottom. This is done on a regular crafting table.

vanilla crafting recipe
any wood planks
Bronze Ingot
any wood planks
Bronze Ingot
any wood planks
Bronze Ingot
Table of Command
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