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The '''Tauredain''' (Sindarin: Forest-men) roam the [[Far Harad Jungle|Jungles]] of [[Far Harad]] which they hold sacred. 
{{Upcoming}}The '''Tauredain''' (Sindarin: Forest-men) roam the [[Far Harad Jungle|Jungles]] of [[Far Harad]] which they hold sacred. 
==History ==
==History ==

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The Tauredain (Sindarin: Forest-men) roam the Jungles of Far Harad which they hold sacred. 


The Tauredain first lived in the swamps of Far Harad and some time later they left the swamps in search of a new home. After wandering for years, they found the lush jungles of Far Harad. Struck with its natural beauty, they began to worship the trees and built large pyramids and shrines. The Tauredain united, and organized by religion began a quest to spread their beliefs to the world. Invading the Mangroves, they battled and subdued the Limwaith . Eventually, their empire fell and the Limwaith drove them out of the Mangroves. Weakened by disunity and war, the Tauredain were attacked by the Moredain . The Moredain cut down their trees and stole their sacred animal, the Mumakil. This conflict started a bitter rivalry between the two peoples. The Tauredain still have not forgot what the Moredain did to them, and have sworn vengeance on them and their allies the Near Haradrim. The Tauredain await a new leader to unite them to conquer Far Harad and destroy the Moredain.


They are likely based on the Incans and Mayans civilizations of Central and South America.

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