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The Taurethrim chieftain is the hiring NPC of the Taurethrim of the Far Harad Jungle. They are recognizable from regular Taurethrim NPCs by the coin in their hand and the chieftain helmet they wear.


They spawn in Taurethrim Chieftain Temples which can be found in Taurethrim villages in the Far Harad Jungle. They will spawn wearing full armour, with a chieftain helmet on and a silver coin in their hands.


Like all hiring NPCs, they will not attack unless provoked and stay out of fights. When attacked they will defend themselves with a club.


For at least +200 Taurethrim alignment he will allow you to buy troops. As your alignment goes up with the Taurethrim, the hiring costs decrease.

Upon hiring a unit from a chieftain, the player earns the achievement "Obsidian Conquerer".

Unit Unpledged Cost (Silver Coins) Pledged Cost (Silver Coins) Alignment Required (Taurethrim) Requires Pledge (Taurethrim)
Taurethrim Warrior 30-60 ( 30  to  60 ) 15-30 ( 15  15  to  30 ) +200 No
Taurethrim Blowgunner 50-100 ( 50  to  100 ) 25-50 ( 25  25  to  50 ) +250 No
Taurethrim Banner Bearer 50-100 ( 50  to  100 ) 25-50 ( 25  25  to  50 ) +300 No



  • The Lion-Men must pay for their crimes. Burn their homes, loot their treasures, and slay their people!
  • It is time for war, Person. War against the thieves who stole our Mûmakil.
  • A new empire is rising. Will you lead us to victory?
  • They burn our trees and steal our Mûmakil. But now, Person, now is the time for revenge.
  • My men have a reputation to uphold. Leave the grass-tribes cowering in fear.
  • Drive them from their homes with blade and poison and fire! Show those savages our strength!
  • My warriors are yours to command.
  • War will come to all. Lead my men to victory!
  • The power of the jungle will break the strength of mortal men!
  • The great Mûmak will lead your stampede against our enemies, Person!
  • Show no mercy to those desert snakes!


  • Come back another day, Person. You are not worthy yet.
  • You are not fit to lead my soldiers, Person.
  • Prove your worth in battle, and kill more rats of the plains, and then you might earn our loyalty.
  • Show me that you are more than just a peasant, Person.
  • Can you even fight? Go and kill some more savages!
  • You would bring nothing but weakness to my warriors.
  • You, leading my men? A joke! You are not even worthy of my respect, Person.
  • Only great warriors deserve to lead other warriors. You are no great warrior.
  • What makes you think you are worthy of leading my men, Person?
  • Go and kill all the Snake-Men in the North, and then maybe you can buy my warriors.
  • Pathetic. Not even a mark on your face. You cannot lead our warriors.
  • I see no reason to give my warriors to a weakling like you.


  • You thieving mongrel! Run with fear!
  • Run while you still can, slave of evil!
  • Your death will be painful and slow, Person!
  • Prepare to die, friend of the Enemy!
  • Your people are not welcome here!
  • I will avenge our stolen gods!
  • We shall throw your bones to the crocodiles!
  • We will paint the ground with your blood, Person!
  • Your wounds will sting like the venom of the scorpion!
  • You are foolish to go against the might of the old empire!
  • You are a demon out of the North. You have no place here!
  • Another savage from the wild plains. Kill it!
  • You are less than a rabid beast, Person!
  • How dare you stand against our mighty empire?
  • You were a fool for coming here, and now, Person, you will die!
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