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Taurethrim darts are used by the Taurethrim as ammunition for their blowguns. There is a second, more dangerous variant: the poisoned Taurethrim dart, also described on this page.


The main use for Taurethrim darts is as ammunition for the blowgun. Aside from that, they can also be used in dart traps, which are found in Taurethrim pyramids.


Sometimes, blowgunners will drop one or two darts upon death. Both variants can also be found in pyramids, can be bought from a shaman, or can be crafted.


The crafting recipe for Taurethrim darts, is much the same as the recipe for arrows or bolts, with the exception of the use of an Obsidian Shard in place of flint. Because they're crafted on the , players with a negative alignment towards the Taurethrim will not be able to craft this ammunition.

Poisoned Dart

The poisoned Taurethrim dart is a variant of the regular one, which can also be used as ammunition for blowguns and traps, inflicting the poison effect when hitting an enemy. It's worth noting that regular darts do not take priority over poisoned ones if they're both in one's inventory. Just the first found is used (from left to right, from top to bottom).

Poisoned darts can be crafted by combining a bottle of poison and four regular darts, giving you four poisoned darts and an empty bottle. In contrary to poisoned daggers this is not done on the normal crafting table, but on the .
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