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Taurethrim farmhands are the farming unit of the Taurethrim. They do not spawn naturally in Taurethrim farms which can be found in Taurethrim villages, but they can be hired there and they will plant and harvest seeds you can give them.


They can be hired from Taurethrim farmers. You'll need at least +50 Taurethrim alignment. Their base hiring price is 40 silver coins but their cost will decrease as you gain more alignment.


They work similarly to other farmhands. They will help you sow and harvest crops if you give them the seeds. For more information, please consult the farmhands page.



  • You look like a brave warrior, Person.
  • You are a fighter of the jungle, are you not, Person?
  • One day, the empire of the forests will rise again.
  • The time has come. Our empire will soon rise again!
  • Those barbaric northern tribes will soon be crushed.
  • The evil Eye will never have power here.
  • The trees of the jungle grow tall and strong, Person, like its people.
  • Our jungle warriors are mightier than any fiend of the plains.
  • Those lion-worshipping savages continue to steal our Mûmakil!
  • Too often do the Lion-Men chop our trees and steal our beasts!
  • Will you help our empire rise again, Person?
  • I am glad to see you share our hatred of those zebra-riding spear-savages, Person!
  • The pyramids of the old empire are mighty and ancient, but many are long since lost to us.
  • Many treasures of our fallen empire are now lost to the jungle.
  • You look like a strong warrior, Person.
  • This forest is our home. Doom to any who would destroy it!
  • Are you skilled with the blowgun, Person?
  • The Men of the plains are wretched savages. They have no place here!
  • What brings you into our jungle, Person?
  • Welcome, wanderer from the North. I confess I am surprised you made it this far south.
  • Most travellers from the North burn in the desert before they reach this place.
  • The evil Eye has no followers amongst our people.
  • Men and beasts from the evil Eye have devastated our precious forests. Their savagery is not welcome here.
  • The old empire will rise again, some day.
  • The people of the plains are primitive and brutal. Do not trust them!
  • The lion-tribes are our mortal enemies.
  • It is unwise to have dealings with the savage tribes outside our forests.
  • Beware the Lion-Men, Person. They eat the flesh of friend and foe alike!
  • Our empire was once the greatest in all the world.
  • At the edge of the world is a land of fires and smoke. There are... things living there, half-man, half-demon. I pray they do not come here, Person.
  • One day we shall reclaim our old city from the troll-demons.
  • We remember the grief of Kimen Kâh. But we do not speak of it.
  • Every child knows the tale of Kimen Kâh, and the monstrous demons that were its downfall.
  • A Shadow is falling on the world again.
  • The shamans say a great evil has come back into the world. They say it will be as it was in the last days of the old empire...


  • Leave this jungle, Person!
  • You don't belong in our homelands!
  • Die, grassland savage!
  • You won't last long here, Person!
  • Weaklings like you don't last long in these forests!
  • I'll feed you to the crocodiles!
  • Flee, servant of evil!
  • Barbarian of the plains! Begone, Person!
  • Your death will be quick, Person!
  • Run while you can, Person - this will only hurt a lot!
  • You are not welcome here, friend of the Lion-Men!
  • The jungle beasts haven't slain you yet? Then I shall!
  • The evil Eye cannot save you now, Person!
  • You will choke on your own blood, Person!
  • The Great Lion has no power here, Person!


  • Be kind to the jungle, and it will be kind to you, Person.
  • I am glad that you are a friend of our people.
  • Do not trade crops with the Lion-Men!
  • Food grown in the jungle is better than all else.
  • Cut only the trees you must, Person.
  • What are we growing today?
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