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A Taurethrim Pyramid Wraith is a skeletal dungeon mob similar in appearance to Harad Pyramid Wraiths added in Beta 25. They can only be summoned by opening the Stone Chests found deep inside Taurethrim Pyramids. After being killed, the stone chests are free to use.


These wraiths are very similar to vanilla skeletons in that they are affected by the smite enchant and are hostile to all players regardless of alignment.

Interestingly, this ghoul does not take damage from lava, nor by the fire caused by the lava. This has probably been implemented due to the vast amount of lava surrounding the treasure room, wherein the wraith spawns.

As with all other wraiths (excluding Marsh Wraiths) they will actively avoid sunlight, staying under the cover of blocks even if the player they are targeting has entered the sunlight.


They use Taurethrim Equipment, seen wielding a dagger, poisoned dagger, bludgeon, sword, or battleaxe. They are also seen wearing a set of Taurethrim Armour, minus the helmet.