The Taurethrim Shaman is an NPC that will trade you various items that the Taurethrim use. They spawn in Taurethrim stilt houses, which spawn in Taurethrim villages.


Taurethrim Shamans will sit idly inside their stilt houses and talk to players (primarily with the intent to get the player to buy their goods). Like all trading NPCs, they will not attack unless provoked, at which point the Shaman will fight back with a Taurethrim dagger.


At least +100 Taurethrim alignment is required to trade with the Taurethrim Shaman. They sell the elusive Taurethrim blowguns and other things such as jungle remedies, bottles of poison, and Taurethrim equipment. They also sell food and materials.

Upon trading with a Taurethrim Shaman, the player earns the achievement "Ancient Wisdom".

Items SoldEdit

Below is a table of values for each item that the player may purchase from this NPC. Use this table to find out if your shaman is giving you a good deal or not. Not every Taurethrim shaman will have all items listed below for sale.

Items Sold Price Range Images
Taurethrim Crafting Table 30-50 (3coinX to 5coinX) Taurethrim Crafting Table
Taurethrim Cocoa (Light) 7-11 (7coinI to 1coinX1coinI) Tauredain Cocoa
Taurethrim Cocoa (Moderate) 9-15 (9coinI to 1coinX5coinI) Tauredain Cocoa
Taurethrim Cocoa (Potent) 11-19 (1coinX1coinI to 1coinX9coinI) Tauredain Cocoa
Chocolate 3-5 (3coinI to 5coinI) MugChocolate
Mahogany Sapling 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) MahoganySapling
4 x Taurethrim Dart 4-6 (4coinI to 6coinI) Taurethrim Dart
4 x Poisoned Taurethrim Dart 8-13 (8coinI to 1coinX3coinI) TauredainDartPoisoned
Jungle Remedy 15-25 (1coinX5coinI to 2coinX5coinI) JungleRemedy
Taurethrim Dagger 9-15 (9coinI to 1coinX5coinI) DaggerTauredain
Poisoned Taurethrim Dagger 15-25 (1coinX5coinI to 2coinX5coinI) DaggerTauredainPoisoned
Bottle of Poison 8-13 (8coinI to 1coinX3coinI) Bottle of Poison
Jungle Sapling 5-8 (5coinI to 8coinI) JungleSapling
Taurethrim Blowgun 19-31 (1coinX9coinI to 3coinX1coinI) TauredainBlowgun

Items BoughtEdit

Below is a table of values for each item that the player can sell to this NPC. Use this table to earn more money by only selling when the prices are high. You will not be able to sell every item to every Taurethrim shaman as not each shaman will want to purchase every item listed below.

Items Bought Price Range Images
Bone 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Bone
2 x Flame of Harad 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) FlameOfHaradTop
2 x Hibiscus 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) HibiscusTop
Obsidian Shard 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Obsidian Shard
Gold Nugget 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) Gold Nugget
Emerald 11-19 (1coinX1coinI to 1coinX9coinI) Emerald
Amber 8-13 (8coinI to 1coinX3coinI) Amber
Red Mushroom 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) MushroomRed
Brown Mushroom 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) MushroomBrown
Rhino Horn 4-6 (4coinI to 6coinI) Rhino Horn
Banana 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Banana
Wooden Mug 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Mug
Gemsbok Horn 3-5 (3coinI to 5coinI) Gemsbok Horn
Mango 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Mango
Corn 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Corn
Glass Bottle 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) GlassBottle



  • I have many oddities from the jungle. What would you like?
  • Some call it witchery. I call it medicine.
  • Our cocoa drink invigorates even the weakest wanderer!
  • What remedies can I offer you, Person?
  • Are you sick, Person? I can heal many things!
  • Who eats banana bread anyway?
  • Banana bread is such a disgrace to good breads.
  • Do you have any delicious mangoes for me, Person?
  • I'll buy lots of fruits, if you have them, Person.
  • My darts are the sharpest in all the jungle!
  • I might have just what you are looking for, Person.
  • What can I get for you, Person, warrior of the jungle?
  • I hope you have enough silver, Person.
  • My goods aren't pricey, but they're not cheap either, Person.
  • You could use some strength, Person. I may have just the thing!


  • You don't quite have my trust yet, Person. Come back another day!
  • I don't want your mangoes, Person.
  • Prove your friendship with our people, and then you may buy from me.
  • You look like trouble, Person.
  • I doubt you have enough money for my goods.
  • You don't look like one of us.
  • I bet you like banana bread, Person. Fool!
  • You are not a friend of my people, Person. Begone.
  • I doubt you are any better than those thieving Lion-Men, Person.
  • Mind yourself, Person. It is unwise to make enemies in this jungle.


  • No more dealings with you, Person!
  • Thieves! Mongrels! Slaves of the Enemy! You are all dead in my eyes.
  • Grassland savage! You will get nothing but death from me!
  • How foolish of you to come here, Person!
  • The beasts of the jungles will tear you apart!
  • There is no hope for you now, Person!
  • What makes you think you deserve what I have to sell, Person?
  • I will boil you down in a cauldron!
  • The lion's roar is silent here!
  • Our warriors will crush you, savage!
  • I will not trade with a savage out of the plains!
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