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The Taurethrim torch is a 2-block tall torch designed to fit the jungle villages of the Taurethrim. It casts light like a normal torch, but cannot be placed on walls, as it is two blocks high.


A Taurethrim torch will break instantly and drop itself when broken using anything. The tool will not take any damage when breaking the torch.

Taurethrim torches will also be broken if flowing water runs over its location.

Natural generation[]

Taurethrim torches can be found randomly among the supports in a Taurethrim chieftain temple. Taurethrim torches also can spawn in, and outside of, different buildings of the Taurethrim village.


Taurethrim torches are made on a Taurethrim crafting table from two sticks of any kind and one piece of coal or charcoal. These recipes produce two torches:

Taurethrim crafting recipe
Taurethrim Crafting
any coal
any stick
any stick
Taurethrim Torch


Taurethrim torches can be placed on the top of most solid blocks. Being non-solid, Taurethrim torches have no collision box.

Gravity affected blocks like sand and gravel will not fall if the block below them has a Taurethrim torch on it, and will break if they fall onto a Taurethrim torch.

Taurethrim torches cannot be placed on walls. They fit well in Taurethrim structures.


Taurethrim torches give off a light level of 14. Taurethrim torches also melt snow layers and ice within 2 blocks (taxicab distance).


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