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Taurethrim Warriors are the mighty men who defend the lands of the Far Harad Jungle. They are simliar to Taurethrim, however, they wear Taurethrim Armour and use Taurethrim Equipment.


They only spawn in the Far Harad Jungle. However, they do not wander freely throughout the forests surrounding this land, but rather in the Taurethrim Clearing variant, alongside their fellow Taurethrim. They also spawn in the Jungle edge sub-biome.


Warriors wander freely throughout their lands, until they happen upon a foe, which they will procede to attack, until the enemy they saw is killed or they perish in the process. Unlike their Near Haradrim Warrior counterparts, they will not attack Jungle Scorpions unless firstly provoked.


They are hired at a starting price of thirty Silver Coins, and two hundred positive Taurethrim Alignment from the Taurethrim Chieftain, which can be found in the Taurethrim Chieftain Temple.


A variety of items may be dropped on death, including Taurethrim Armour, Bone, Taurethrim Equipment and Silver Coins.



  • Help us destroy the savage grass-tribes, Person!
  • Those barbarians of the plains need to be destroyed.
  • They steal our Mûmakil, so we steal their lives, Person.
  • Our great empire will rise again!
  • They chop our trees, so we chop their necks, Person.
  • The Lion-Men are dirty mongrels. Kill them all, Person.
  • Our blowguns are faster than any bow, Person!
  • I'm glad to see you are a warrior like us, Person.
  • How many Morwaith savages have you killed, Person?
  • The jungle is ours and ours alone, Person, and we will defend it from anyone who says otherwise!
  • The evil Eye has no power over us! We will prevail!
  • What do you need, Person?
  • A warrior like you should be joining us in battle against those savages.
  • How skilled are you with a blowgun, Person?
  • Help us fight the forces of evil, Person. Help our empire rise again.
  • One day, our empire will once again be the mightiest in all the world.
  • Death to the Lion-Men!
  • Help us destroy the empire of the serpents, Person!
  • The Snake-Men are servants of the evil Eye. Show them no mercy in battle.
  • The Snake-Men profane our sacred beasts by using them as weapons of war. Cut down every Snake-Man you see.
  • There have come tales of demons out of the East, half-man, half-monster. They must be destroyed.
  • The great Eye has many wicked Men in his service, and black beasts, and darker things too... all of them must die.


  • You thieving mongrel! Run with fear!
  • Run while you still can, slave of evil!
  • Your death will be painful and slow, Person!
  • Prepare to die, friend of the Enemy!
  • Your people are not welcome here!
  • I will avenge our stolen gods!
  • We shall throw your bones to the crocodiles!
  • We will paint the ground with your blood, Person!
  • Your wounds will sting like the venom of the scorpion!
  • You are foolish to go against the might of the old empire!
  • You are a demon out of the North. You have no place here!
  • Another savage from the wild plains. Kill it!
  • You are less than a rabid beast, Person!
  • How dare you stand against our mighty empire?
  • You were a fool for coming here, and now, Person, you will die!


  • We fight for you, Person! Lead us to victory!
  • Death to the Lion-Men!
  • Our empire will rise again, Person! We will follow you to victory!
  • The Snake-Men enslaved our Mûmakil. Destroy every one of their people!
  • Show those grassland savages no mercy!
  • Go, Person, show our enemies the meaning of fear!
  • Our foes will flee in fear with you leading us, Person.
  • They won't last long against us, Person!
  • They stole our sacred beasts, and now they will pay! To war! To war!
  • We will fight by your side, Person.
  • The Snake-Men and Lion-Men will pay for their crimes!
  • They stand no chance with you leading us, Person.
  • Our empire will rise again! Lead the Forest-Men to victory, Person!
  • We will follow you into any battle, Person.
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