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The Tears of Yavanna is the name of a plant that grows exclusively in Fangorn forest. It is used to create green Ent Draught, which gives you speed, haste, and strength for a few minutes.

Yavanna was one of the Valar, said to be responsible for all things that grow in the earth, including the Ents. Her name in Quenya means "Giver of Fruits". She was the wife of Aulë the Smith who created the Dwarves and tutored Saruman.

Two Tears of Yavanna plants in their natural habitat.

The plant is renewable as it will occasionally grow when bonemeal is used in Fangorn.

Some might call it a waste, but this flower can also be used in a regular crafting table or the player's inventory to create lime-green dye, alike to other mod flowers.

vanilla crafting recipe
Tears of Yavanna