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Error: Missing parameters. Usage: {{Bar|<type>|<number>|<options>}}

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This template creates a bar of similar icons.

It is the most comfortable and powerful version of the bar templates and should be called by the wiki pages. It uses the {{Bar main}} template.

It handles

  • Missing parameters.
  • Displaying plain text if non-numeric.
  • Calculating price ranges.
  • Avoid the whole display wrapping around lines.

It handles not


Type {{Bar|<type>|<number>|<options>}} somewhere.

  • <type> is the basic filename e.g. armour. The user must first provide a couple of images in advance: 0armour.png, 1armour.png, ..., 10armour.png to be able to display the respective icon bar. The images (at least that for 10) must have a small clear left margin, so when joined together, they look equally distributed. Defaut is hearts. There is a special display for coins and price.
  • <number> is the number of icons to be displayed. The number must be numeric and will be rounded to the nearest integer. Default is 0. If no number is provided, this text is returned, nothing else (old usage of info-boxes). The <number> can also be a range of two numbers 17-23 and then will dispay two bars for the respective numbers. Either <type> or <number> must be specified.
  • <options> the options are so far:
    • ext=<extension> extension of the filename .jpg, .gif, ... default is .png
    • size=<size> height of the bar in px. Default is original size.
      You can also use a symbolic name here, like infobox, which selects a predefined size as defined in the {{Bar height}} template.
    • notag=1 to suppress the number tag around the bar. Default is tag shown.
    • tooltip=<text> to define the text, which is shown, when hovering over the bar, default is the <number> parameter.
    • link=<text> to define the link, where the bar links to. Defaults are defined in the {{Bar link}} template.


type this to get this
No parameters -> error.
Error: Missing parameters. Usage: {{Bar|<type>|<number>|<options>}}
No type -> defaut type.
4 ( 4 )
No number -> default number.
0 ( 0 )
{{Bar|hearts|some text}}
Non numeric -> plain text.
some text
Rounding numbers to next integer.
6.9 ( 6.9 )
Large numbers -> compacted display.
83.5 (42 x  83.5 )
Coins -> special display.
243.7 ( 243.7  243.7  243.7 )
Price -> a range of coins is calculated.
The number is the average price.
Don't use a span here.
15-25 ( 15  15  to  25  25 )
Price -> a "+" denotes a price
for an enchanted item.
23-38 ( 23  23  to  38  38 )
Range defined.
4-8 ( 4  to  8 )
{{Bar|food|2+4.2 - 8+2-1}}
Even equations (except for -).
2+4.2 - 8+2-1 ( 2+4.2  to  8+2-1 )
Extension specified -> not .png.
5 ( 5 )
Different size.
8.3 ( 8.3 )
Predefined size.
5 ( 5 )
Tag suppressed -> no # ().
{{Bar||10|tooltip=my health}}
Tooltip defined.
10 ( my health )
{{Bar money|2345|link=Corn}}
Link defined.
23 x  2300  +  45  45 }