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Error: Filename missing. Usage: {{Bar raw|<filename>|<number>|<size>|<tooltip>|<link>}}

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This template creates a bar of similar icons.

It is a raw, the most simple version of the bar templates and called by the more comfortable {{Bar simple}} template and {{Bar money}} template.

It handles all the basic stuff like

  • Displaying a couple of icons by putting one or a couple of images in a row:
    (  12  12  =  10  +  2  ).
  • Changing the height of the images as desired.
  • Displaying larger numbers in a different way (see samples below).
  • Adding tooltips and links to all images, so that the whole bar seems identical, although, technically it's not. Putting in defaults, if missing.

It handles not all the fancy stuff like

  • Default values, other than those mentioned above.
  • Special display for coins, prices and value ranges.
  • Plain text if non-numeric.
  • The whole display wrapping around lines.
  • Adding tags.

-> All this has to be done by calling templates.


Type {{Bar raw|<filename>|<number>|<size>|<tooltip>|<link>}} somewhere.

  • <filename> is the complete filename e.g. armour.png. The user must first provide a couple of images in advance: 0armour.png, 1armour.png, ..., 10armour.png to be able to display the respective icon bar. The images (at least that for 10) must have a small clear left margin, so when joined together, they look equally distributed. This parameter has to be specified.
  • <number> is the number of icons to be displayed. The number has to be integer and must be specified. If the number is larger than 29, it will be displayed like this: 21.5 x  43  to save space.
  • <size> is the height of the pictures. It is optional. If not specified, the pictures are used unchanged.
  • <tooltip> is the text displayed, when hovering over the bar. It is optional. If not specified, the <number> is used.
  • <link> allows the bar to link to some wiki page. If nothing is defined, it will link to the start page.


type this to get this
{{Bar raw}}
No parameters -> error.
Error: Filename missing. Usage: {{Bar raw|<filename>|<number>|<size>|<tooltip>|<link>}}
{{Bar raw||12}}
No filename -> error.
Error: Filename missing. Usage: {{Bar raw|<filename>|<number>|<size>|<tooltip>|<link>}}
{{Bar raw|hearts.png}}
No number -> error.
Error: Number missing. Usage: {{Bar raw|<filename>|<number>|<size>|<tooltip>|<link>}}
{{Bar raw|hearts.png|12}}
No size specified -> default size.
 12  12 
{{Bar raw|hearts.png|43}}
Large numbers -> compacted display.
21.5 x  43 
{{Bar raw|hearts.png|12|9px}}
Size specified.
 12  12 
{{Bar raw|hearts.png|12||this}}
Tooltip specified.
 this  this 
{{Bar raw|hearts.png|12|||Ocean}}
Link specified.
 12  12