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<includeonly>[[:Category:{{{1|}}}|{{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{{2|}}}|{{{1|}}}}}]]</includeonly><noinclude>[{{fullurl:{{ns:Template}}:{{PAGENAME}}}}?action=purge Renew this page to show changes]{{documentation}}[[Category:Templates]][[Category:Link Simplification Templates]]</noinclude>
</includeonly><noinclude>[{{fullurl:{{ns:Template}}:{{PAGENAME}}}}?action=purge Renew this page to show changes]{{documentation}}[[Category:Templates]]</noinclude>

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Template documentation follows
Note: the template above may sometimes be partially or fully invisible.
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This template is used to simplify category links.


Type {{C|<category>|<display text>}}

The display text can be omitted to display the category name itself.


Type this to get this.
{{C|Furnace Like|Forge}} Forge
{{C|Weapons}} Weapons
{{C|Alcohol}} Alcohol