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Implements a tabber for use on content pages in order to provide switching between content for the 1.7.10 and 1.15 editions of the mod. This uses subpages to store content for different versions. Currently the scheme is:

Public Beta 36 Content LOTR Mod: Renewed Content
Page Name Page Name/Renewed

When LOTR Mod: Renewed is able to convert 1.7.10 worlds to 1.15 ones, the scheme will be switched (using bots) to

LOTR Mod: Renewed Content Public Beta 36 Content
Page Name Page Name/Beta36

At some point following that (determined by staff), the /Beta36 pages will be deleted.


This template is very straightforward to use, because it automatically detects the type of page which it is on and provides links to the correct sub-page. This is so that when the scheme is switched (see above), no edits will be required on pages in order to account for this change, only within the template. Hence, simply invoke the template at the beginning of both the main content page and the subpage:

Note that if a subpage for Renewed (or Beta36 in the future) does not exist, the template will generate a redlink.
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