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  • I'll smash your face in!
  • Die, Dúnedain filth!
  • You are not one of the Hillmen. Flee, scum!
  • I'll crush your skull with my fist, Dúnadan scum!
  • Run while you still can!
  • You are an enemy of Angmar. Death awaits you!
  • You will bleed quickly and die fast, Person!
  • I'll break your legs, and then you won't be running any more!
  • Your screams won't be heard by your filthy kin here!
  • Death to you and your kin!
  • I'll skin you like a rabbit!
  • You belong with the meat, roasting on my fire!
  • What Ranger fiend are you?
  • You are no friend of ours, Person!
  • Your doom belongs to the Morgul-lords now, Person!
  • Scream for your life, weakling!
  • You will squeal like the rest of the Númenórean rats!
  • Curse you, friend of the Westermen!
  • I will flay you alive!
  • I have gutted tougher fish than you, Person!

This page holds the angmar/hillman/hostile speechbank, used by the Hillman and HillmanChieftain sections of {{SpeechAngmar}}.