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This template creates a link for easier reference to the updates page.


Type {{Update|<number>|<text>}} somewhere.


  • {{Update}} without params: update.
  • {{Update||All the updates}} with text param: All the updates.
  • {{Update|3+2}} with numeric param: Public Beta 5.
  • {{Update|5.3}} sub-updates (the link gets truncated to #5): Public Beta 5.3.
  • {{Update|Dwarf update}} with non-numeric param no link: Dwarf update.
  • {{Update|5|Dwarf update}} with two params: Dwarf update.
  • {{Update|?}} "?" stands for unknown: unknown update.
  • {{Update|999}} "999" stands for upcoming: upcoming update.
  • {{Update|Latest}} Use "Latest" or "latest", links to the download template: Update 36.11.