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The Great Lion is a deity worshipped by the Morwaith of Far Harad, most prominently by the western tribes. He (Or she, who knows?) is of similar position to the Valar of the northern world.


Not much is known about the Great Lion, and perhaps more will be revealed in the future by the developer of the mod. According to the peoples themselves, one day he will devour the entire Middle Earth. They also have a tradition in that newcomers must face an adult lion in order to gain the respect of the village.


According to Morwaith lore, the Great Lion resides west of the Harad Mountains.

NB: The Lion does NOT exist in-game.


As the lion is said to live west of the Harad Mountains, in a similar place as the old Númenorians had their biggest colony in Far Harad, the legend may come from there, although we can not be certain of when it formed, making it a less plausible origin.


  • Mevans, the creator of the mod, has a skin that resembles a lion. As Morwaith are his own created faction, the Great Lion might be associated with him.