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    when the earth was first formed it held no form it was flat and motionless and the great lion lay their alone. one day he grew bored and searched for something to do he kicked up the dirt in front of him and saw how it ran from him so he began to chase it and in his chase it moved form, its horns reared up and its legs sprang out kicking right from its first motion and the gemsbok was born, and then it started to run, the great lion mesmerised by its powerful movement chased as fast as he could after it, and then as though he had been taught to do all his life he pounced upon its back spilling its blood on the motionless plains and were its blood fell great rivers were carved and the grass and trees sprang from the fertilized earth and where its hide tore great hills of fire sprang up from the ground, but was the great lion satisfied? no, he was more hungry for the hunt then he had ever been before he kicked up the dirt whereever he could, and out of the dirt sprang the zebra, the giraffe, the flamingo, the rhino, the dik dik, in his lust for the hunt he even kicked up the water and from it sprang the crocodile, but even after all this hunting he was never satisfied then one day he kicked up a rock and this rock split and out came a strange creature the great lion had never seen before it stood upon its hind legs and held no hair except a mane apon its head, then it spoke to the great lion it said "if you wish for a great hunt then you should give your prey a chance" and with that this new creature fell into the treeline and over the horizon and the  great lion stood their puzzled and he decided he would wait until the stars had moved no more than 2 paces for the land was still dark and did not hold all its form, and after the stars had moved the great lion thought nothing of the strange defensless beast he would soon render with his mighty claws, the lion reached the forest and spotted a shape against the water, he pressed his chest to the ground and pounced!, yet no blood ran from the beast puzzled he turned it over and it was a piece of hide stuffed with straw, and from their the man jumped from the trees above and in a single strike of his axe splitted the great lions hide spilling his blood over the savannah the man held the head of the lion, a great prize and threw it into the dark sky, and it shone with such brilliance it lit all of the great plains, but from the blood that split lions sprang and they all fell upon the strange creature in a great viciousness, and when the creature died he met the great lion in mbinguni, but the great lion was not spiteful instead he was greatful and he layed the creature back down onto the savannah with his full form, and spoke "you have shown yourself a greater hunter than i and that does not go without reward, from this day forth you are named mtu king of all beasts, and all your children after may come to me for their toils in life and if they have worked hard they may join me here, yet if they still have work i will place them upon the plains again as i have you". and the great lion spoke no more and neither did the man for the rest of his days and he beared many sons and daughters between him and the people kicked up in the great lions death.

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