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    While I read this category on LoTR wiki, it does remind me a lot of details in the book, and Rohan has neither special nor elite units comparing Uruk-hai and Dunlendings in the mod. They both have berserkers and Dunlendings have Axe-throwers. In order to balance this, as Rohan does have special units in the lore, I decide to suggest 4 new type of units:

    Royal Guard of Rohan

    Royal Guard of Rohan, or King's Guard of Rohan, are a group of hand-picked men who guarded the King and Golden Hall. They are the most promising warriors of the kingdom. As Royal Guard, they have ability to use both bow and blade, and they can switch them swiftly.

    You can only hire them from Royal Guard captain.


    The Helmingas are the traditional guardians of Helm's Deep. They only lives in Helm's Deep of course. Those brave warrior are skilled in fighting. Helmingas should be archers and axemen. They should be hireable from a marshal.


    We also have a cool morgul horse armour which no NPC currently uses in the mod

    Witch King by Alan Lee

    Horsemen and Witch-king.

    Minas Morgul Cavalry

    "Before them went a great cavalry of horsemen moving like ordered shadows, and at there head was one greater than all the rest: a rider, all in black, save that on his hooded head he wore a helm like a crown that flickered with a perilous light."

    –—The Two Towers: "The Stairs of Cirith Ungol"

    Those guys are mounted troops that rode out with the Witch-king of Angmar from Minas Morgul. They are probably Black Numenoreans. As a different group of Black Numenoreans, they only dwell in Minas Morgul. Meanwhile, the Corsairs of Umbar are hard to code, we can introduce them into the mod first.

    Morgul Knights are corrupted version of Swan Knight, which means their powers are slightly under Knights of Dol Amroth (Black Uruks are already more powerful than Swan Knight.)

    Thanks for read this, and have a good day!

    -Wargaz cc

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