• I know I rarely write suggestions here or even at all, but figured that this was worth a shot.

    Today I am come to discuss the Gundabad Orcs, which is possibly the most empty faction ever.


    Currently, Gundabad has one structure: Gundabad Orc Camps. I seek to amend this.

    On top of camps, perhaps there should be Captured Dwarven Towers in the Misty Mountains. These towers would take advantage of the new cracked dwarven bricks/pillars. Essentially, these would be dwarven towers with the dwarven banners replaced with Gundabad banners, 70% of dwarven forges replaced with orc forges, 90% of dwarven crafting tables replaced with Gundabad ones, all light sources replaced with burnt-out glowing dwarven brick (see below), and a small orc-cave beneath. Gundabad chieftains would spawn here.


    The current, roving Gundabad orcs are super weak. Let's have some more variety, shall we?

    First, let's take a look at the current orcs. On top of bronze, leather, iron, warg fur, Mordor, Angmar, or bone armor/equipment, I think there should be Dol Guldur, Gundabad, and dwarven armor bits mixed in. Gundabad chieftains should have mixes of Gundabad Elite armor, dwarven armor (and trimmed variants), black uruk armor, and uruk armor.

    Gundabad Uruks would only spawn in the Misty Mountains. They would wear the armor of Gundabad chieftains, sans the Gundabad elite armor. They can ride wargs and be hireable for a fairly high price.

    Runaways would be other types of orcs who ran from their masters and came to join Gundabad. They would be Angmar, Mordor, Dol Guldur orcs, or even Black Uruks and Uruk-hai, except allied with Gundabad and with armor pieces swapped here and there. They would not be hireable and would be considerably rare.

    Cave-trolls are an item we know are coming. But before I get yelled at for violating my own rules, I am only suggesting a feature for them when they eventually are added. Perhaps Cave-Trolls should only naturally spawn below Y=35 in the Misty Mountains, to make mithril mining an actual challenge.

    Gundabad Berserkers would be elite orcs who are stronger than normal Gundabad orcs, as well as faster. They would always wear Gundabad armor.

    Gundabad wargs should also be superior to other wargs.


    Gundabad has a crafting table, but no real items.

    The Gundabad Equipment Set would be made with orc steel on the Gundabad crafting table. It would have as much protection/damage as any other armor, and would occasionally be worn by Gundabad orcs. It would look like a cross between every other orc set.

    Gundabad Elite Armor would be made of Uruk or Black Uruk steel ingots on a Gundabad table. It would look like a cross of the two and be worn by Gundabad Chieftains and Uruks. It would have the same protection as Uruk armor.

    This is the point where I say the following two equipment sets are just suggestions for equipment, not Goblins and Moria Orcs themselves.

    Goblin equipment would be made with bronze and leather in a Rohirric pattern on the Gundabad table. It would have the protection of Ranger Armor.

    Moria Equipment is made for the elite orcs of Moria. Made with dwarven steel on the Gundabad CT, it would have dwarven-level stats.


    [Spawn of the North] - Equip full Gundabad armor

    [Gundabad Elite] - equip full Gundabad Elite armor

    [Down, down, down in Goblin-Town] - equip full Goblin armor

    [Servant of the Balrog] - equip full Moria armor

    [They have a Cave-Troll] - Slay a cave-troll (FUTURE)


    For whatever reason, several titles were left out for Gundabad.



    [Mount Gram]

    [Mount Gundabad]

    One last thing

    Also, a shield for Moria would be cool. A design like the movies, which kinda looks like a Balrog wing, would do. It would be called the Shield of Moria, of course.

    What do you think?

    Gen. Grievous1138 (admin) comlink 23:01, November 25, 2015 (UTC)

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