• Dwarven Lanterns and Torches: Althought they are not mentioned by Tolkien i think it would be cool and useful to implement these as Dwarves do not have their own torch type. The Lantern could be placed just like torches except they can be placed hanging upside down from blocks like chandeliers. Also from the sides they would be extended outward on a wooden beam hanging from a chain. These two light sources would emit a dark yellow light.

    Carved Silver/Gold/Mithril Dwarven Brick Block: This new block would serve the purpose of providing more block types and more asthetically pleasing looks. The block it self would look as a regular Dwarven Brick Block but with a square Silver/Gold/Mithril block in it. The crafting recipe would be 1 Silver/Mithril/Gold block in the middle surrounded by Dwarven Brick. A Picture of what a silver Carved block would look like is provided.

    New Dwarven Axe and Maul: My suggestion is to make two new items those being a one sided Long Battle Axe (Like the Rohirric Battleaxe) which would have a higher speed rating along with a longer shaft and a Dwarven Maul. The Dwarven Maul is a smaller rounded Warhammer but with a longer shaft, this weapon would have a higher speed rating than a Warhammer and have more reach.

    Dwarven, Elven, Numenorean, Mordor, and other faction Statues: I'am pretty sure no one has suggested this before so here it goes. Ever wanted to have an epic looking statue of say some Elven Warrior or Dwarven Warrior? This would be a new placeable and craftable block which would be a statue that would be different for each faction. So for Mordor it would be a statue of Morgoth, Elves would have a statue of Elven Warriors or Elebereth/Varda, men would have a statue of a Numenorean King, and the Dwarves would have a Dwarven Warrior or Smith statue. They would be 2 blocks high and they would be like the statues from the statues mod except you can't customize them. The crafting recipe would be 6 of the factions stone in a rectangle.

    Dwarven Chailmail chestplate: During the Hobbit as most of us know, Biulbo recieved the Mithril shirt of chailmail from Throin, the Dwarves were said to have created chailmail. I propose that there be another Dwarven chestplate consisting of chailmail for both the Blue Mountains and Durins Folk Dwarves. This Chestplate would not be like regular armor but it would be part of the players skin. This is possible i have seen other mods but i can no longer find the mod, also it is probably hard to code.

    New Blue MTs. Dwarven Helmets: Yes this has been suggested thousands of times before but i want to add on to it/ bring it up again. In the Silmarillion during the fifth battle (the Dagor Nírnaeth Arnoediad), Tolkien writes about how the Dwarves of Belegost wore masks into battle "It was their custom moreover to wear great masks in battle hideous to look upon" (Tolkien 230). My suggestion even though suggested many times before, is to add new Dwarven helmets for both only the Blue Mountains Dwarves that would cover the whole face of the wearer and are fire resistant, but they would NOT replace the current ones. Also these helmets/masks would have a 3D look like the other faction helmets (Elven helmets, Gondor Tower gurad helmet, Dol Amroth helmet, etc.). A few links to what some of the masks could look like are provided below.

    If any of these are in any way a FAQ violation or against a rule please let me know and i will edit it out.

    Dwarven Mask Ideas More Mask Ideas

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