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    Following through on this post, I would like to suggest one of 2 options to enable Elven Portal creation in the Far Harad Jungle.

    Apparently Elvengrass can only be made from vanilla dirt grass blocks, and Jungle Mud grass doesn't spread to vanilla dirt. Hence, creation of an Elven Portal in the Far Harad Jungle is only possible after one has acquired a silk touch spade to obtain vanilla (or quendite) grass blocks and then place them in the Far Harad Jungle to create an Elven Portal.

    This is demotivating players to build significant bases/structures/settlements in the Far Harad Jungle.

    I suggest to either a) make jungle grass spread to vanilla dirt or b) create a quendite jungle grass block that can be used to create an Elven Portal. I suspect the first option will be easier to code?

    Next to this, I also suggest to enable some check for the spawning mechanism for Crocodiles. Crocodiles now seem to spawn just anywhere near a single block of water. This causes crocodiles to appear in the deepest of caves, on Taurethrim farms and near Morgul and Elven Portals. I propose to implement a check on the blocks surrounding a water block: either check whether there are water blocks fully surrounding a water block or just check whether a water block is positioned on top of another. I'd go for the latter option as I think that would be the most straightforward check to code and be the most effective in avoiding 'silly croc spawns'. Crocs need deep water to submerge and ambush, and get some daylight to support their digestion.

    (ffets fixed link)

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    • yes, the croc issue is a problem. Also, what do you think of making crocs different sizes like spiders, only the oldest ones are bigger than the ones we have in the mod.

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    • Why the heck is the croc thing even a problem. This just seems like an issue that is extremely obvious. I'm wondering why Mevans and co. didn't catch it.

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    • More realism is welcomed. Kudos!

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    • It is the underground, shallow water croc, come to eat your blood.

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    • TheblueWizard wrote: It is the underground, shallow water croc, come to eat your blood.


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    • Edited the OP as I realized underground water reservoirs are often 2-3 blocks deep.

      I wonder how 'Tauredain' players have been coping with the fact that they cannot create Elven Portals in the Far Harad Jungle?

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    • You are right, crocs spawn in just one block of water. I tested that out in Harad Mountains, in a version where it was still possible. It was very strange to meet a crocodile there and Mevans suppressed it in the Beta 25 update. As crocodiles are visually about 5 blocks long, I'd check for a patch of water of that size (if this causes not too much lag).

      As for the portals, this is really a big disadvantage for those players. But it's also difficult for players in Forodwaith. I don't know which of your solutions I should prefer. Perhaps it's a special challenge for players that choose such "exotic" factions.

      For the harda server, we could just include some quendite grass in the starter kit to make up for this. Or just one grass block, from which to start the spreading to normal dirt.

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