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    17:08, August 15, 2017

    1.i think isengard should be gloomier

    2. i think ruined rohan watchtowers should spawn

    3. i think isengard should have orc pits and warg pits

    4. i think isengard should have isengard stone for the rock

    5. i think the ring should be made of isengard stone brick

    6. i think narvins list of doom suggestion of the uruk machine crafting table should come soon

    7.(its not siege machines read it on complete list of doom and you will know what it is)

    8. if you could add walls of isengard why NOT orthanc???!?!?!?!?! no rush.

    9. add orthanc guards and separate pike units in hiring screen and isengard ologs (armored olog hai with white hand)

    10. when i say gloomy i mean very!

    11.add large uruk camps with uruk camps and isengard watchtowers (like ruined rohan watchtowers but larger and more intact but still evil looking and has uruk captain on top.

    dont ban me pls?!

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