• Mae govannen, my friends! I am here today to talk to you about the High Elves and the realm of Lindon. Faenor and I have been exhaustively compiling a suggestion (pretty much all of it canon) on the Last Fair Realm. Textures are made by me and him, but generally he made the Sindar textures and I the Noldor. I now present it for your critiscism and comments.

    Lindon: Split into Harlindon and Forlindon, with the normal Lindon biome now confined to the area between the Blue Mountains biomes and the Lune. More Sindar and Laegrim are found in Harlindon, and more Ñoldor in Forlindon. Both are found in the standard Lindon biome.

    Lindon Woodland: Should extend much further than the current in both north and south, as Ossiriand was mainly woodland and it would not have changed so much.

    Emyn Beraid: Rangers and Ranger camps should no longer be found here, as the Rangers were mainly concentrated in the east of Eriador.

    Western Eriador: Replaces all of Eriador from the western border of The Shire to Ered Luin. No Rangers or Orcs spawn here, but very rarely one can find wandering High Elves, Sindar Elves, and Blue Mountains Dwarves.

    Emyn Uial: A rugged hills biome with the Emyn Winion terrain generation. Here can be found many Ranger and Arnor structures.


    Ñoldor: The current “Lindon Elves”. Most of the changes made to them are textural, but there are some new items.
    HighElvenCraftingTable side
    HighElvenCraftingTable top

    Banner noldor

    Laegrim: A very minor sub-faction, the Laegrim (AKA Laiquendi) spawn very rarely in the Lindon Woodlands. Their crafting bench is wooden and covered in leaves, and their banner green with a tree and star.

    LaiquendiCraftingTable top
    LaiquendiCraftingTable side

    Falathrim: The sea-elves of Beleriand, the people of Cirdan. The Falathrim are the greatest shipwrights on the Hither Shore, outmatching all others, and have various water-related things. They use the Banner of Lindon as well as their own.
    FalathrimCraftingTable top
    FalathrimCraftingTable side


    NOTE- All NPCs in Lindon should be rather rare, as Lindon was not very populated by the end of the Third Age. Ñoldor are especially uncommon. Even with all of these NPCs, it should be hard to spot one.

    Sindar Elf: Like the current Lindon Elves, but wearing more grey. They also have 30, as opposed to the Ñoldorin 35, health. They are not a subfaction, but are a group found in Lindon.

    Sindar Warrior: These powerful soldiers use bows at long range, then switch to axes, spears, pikes, and rarely swords. They wear Sindar armor and have 30 health.


    Ñoldor: Basically the current Lindon Elves, but with 35 health. They should also use Ñoldorin swords.

    Ñoldor Warrior: A renamed Lindon Warrior. These are the best fighters of the Free People in Middle-earth. To reflect that, they should have 35 health, and of course receive bonuses from their armor and weapons. However, they are incredibly rare and expensive.

    Ñoldor Lord: Just a renamed Lindon Lord.

    Ñoldorin Smith: Renamed Lindon smith. Now wears a blue cape. Galadhrim will wear grey.


    Laegel: Rare elves clad in fair green, these are found in the Lindon woodlands.. They are armed with Laegrim bows and daggers, and will kill anyone who cuts down a tree or kills an animal in their presence. They also have a chance to kill Dwarves. To make up for their weakness (they have no armor), they cannot be seen more than 10 blocks away, and may teleport like Wood-elven scouts.

    Laegrim Elder: Found very rarely in Laegrim Halls. From these you can hire Laegrim elves, but due to the Laegrim's secretive and ambush-loving nature they are very expensive alignment-wise.

    Mariner of Cirdan: The warriors of the Grey Havens, these soldiers use Sindar bows and weapons. They can swim quickly, making them ideal for water assaults.

    Falas Lord: A captain of Cirdan. One can hire Sindar and Mariners from them.


    Ñoldorin Steel: One of the strongest metals in Middle-earth. It is made by combining Quendite and Elven Steel in an Elven Forge.

    Ñoldor Armor: Renamed version of Lindon Armor, and be made of Ñoldorin Steel. It should be as good as Dwarven armor in all respects.
    Horse high elven
    High elven 1
    High elven 2

    Sindar Armor: Crafted with Elven Steel upon a Sindar crafting bench, replacing High Elven armor.
    Sindar 1-2
    Sindar 2

    Ñoldorin Weapons: Renamed from “Lindon” to “Ñoldorin”. All should be crafted with Ñoldorin Steel.

    Alignment high elf

    Noldor Tools: Lindon tools, crafted with Noldorin steel.

    Sindar Bow: Crafted with Elven Steel and string on a Sindar crafting bench. It is a fast and accurate bow, but not as durable as a Ñoldorin bow.

    SindarBow pull 2
    SindarBow pull 1
    SindarBow pull 0

    Sindar Weapons: Crafted with sticks and Elven Steel on a Sindar crafting bench. They have an axe, bow, spear, sword, longspear, and dagger, but no battlestaff. Used by the Falathrim and Sindar.


    Sindar Tools: Crafted on a Sindar crafting bench with elven steel and sticks, these are practically Ñoldor tools in looks, but in grey and silver. They have less durability, but are cheaper due to the use of Elven Steel.

    Falathrim Armor: Found rarely in the chests of the Sindar. Uncraftable, but has a water movement bonus.

    Falathrim 1
    Falathrim 2

    Laegrim Bow: Made with sticks and string, this short-range bow fires slightly faster than a Mirkwood one, but is not very durable and has low damage(compared to other Elven bows; it’s still an incredible weapon compared to others).

    Laegrim Dagger: Secondary weapon of the Laegrim, made of bronze and a stick.


    Yavannamirë Fruit: Comes from Yavannamirë trees. A red and gold peachlike fruit that fills 6 hunger points.


    Lindon Wine: Replacing Miruvor in Lindon, Lindon Wine is made with Yavannamirë and sugar in a barrel. It has a bright golden color, and improves saturation while having very low alcoholicity.


    High Elven Bread: A pale loaf made with two wheat and one Yavannamirë fruit on a Noldorin crafting table. It restores two-thirds of a hunger bar.

    Ñoldorin Lamp: Crafted by placing a High Elven Torch inside 4 Ñoldorin Steel ingots. They look just like a lantern would. These can be dyed silver, gold, or blue. When right-clicked, they will turn off and on.

    Sindarin brick: A light grey Elven brick, made by putting stone in a Sindar crafting bench. It can be trimmed like the other Elven bricks and has a full range of stairs, slabs, etc.


    Ñoldorin brick: Renamed High Elven Brick, but crafted in a Noldor crafting bench. 


    Laegrim Hall: A small hall built of wood products, after Elven fashions. It spawns very rarely in the Lindon Woodlands. A Laegel spawns within.

    Sindar House:  A house similar in shape and construction to a Wood-elven house, but made of beech and Sindar brick. A Sinda spawns inside.

    Wood Hall: A hall made of tree trunks and floored with grass. In the middle there is a fire, and there are torches on the pillars. There are also tree stumps for seats around the fire.


    Flora currently spawning:

    Birch trees, oak trees, beech trees

    New flora:

    Nimbrethil (silver-birch, Sindarin, forest and trees in Arvernien): A pale silver-grey barked birch tree with birch-like leaves, this tree is found commonly throughout all Lindon.
    Wood2 beech side
    Wood2 beech top
    LeavesV1 birch fancy
    LeavesV1 birch fast

    Elm Trees: Trees with bright green leaves and light brown wood. Found in many northern biomes, especially Elven ones. It is most common in Lindon, where it replaces birch as the dominant tree type (though the birch-tree is still very common).

    Seregon: A red stonecrop found in many rocky environments.

    Aeglos: A tall white gorse found in moorlands.

    Gorse: A yellow-flowered plant similar to Aeglos.

    Yavannamirë: A fruit tree, rare and exclusive to Lindon, that has delicious red-golden fruit. These are used to make Lindon wine.

    Leaves5 Yavannamire fast
    Leaves5 yavannamire fancy

    Fangorn Plants: Some Fangorn flowers should be found outside Fangorn, though somewhat uncommonly. Elfsong in Lórien and Lindon, Sunfruit in Anórien (when added), Tears of Yavanna in Lindon and Lórien, Moonflower in Lindon and Ithilien, and Riverweed in the Old Forest.


    Most animals should be removed from Lindon, leaving only deer, butterflies, and birds.


    [Steel of the Exiles]- Forge Ñoldorin Steel

    [Unseen Singers]- Find a Laegrim Elf

    [Grey Axes]- Hire a unit from a Falas Lord

    [Forest Wardens] - Hire a unit from a Laegrim Elder

    [Sindar Crafter]- Craft an item on a Sindar crafting table

    [Laegrim Crafter] - Craft an item on a Laegrim crafting table

    [Fish's Mail]-  Equip a suit of Sindar Armor

    [Sindar Slayer]- Kill a Sinda

    [Green-elven Slayer]- Kill a Laegel










    <Grey Elf>

    Feel free to add any comments, ask any questions, and give any critiscism you feel necesary. Thank you,

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