• I placed the reasons why we use Deng's version and why some names are transcriptions at here and here. Thanks to Deng's version, not everyone needs to translate LoTR by himself, for we have a systematic and the most correct standard of translated terms according to the Guide to the Names in The Lord of the Rings.

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    • So can you explain why "Dunland" is "黑蛮地"?

      The dunlandings are not evil, they just hate rohan and gondor, just like dwarves and elves :)

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    • According to the Appendix F of The Lord of the Rings, Dunland and Dunlending are the names that the Rohirrim gave to them, because they were swarthy and dark-haired. I hope you know what "Dun" means, and "蛮" doesn't mean evil in Chinese. BTW, I want to rectify one of your misunderstandings, Dwarves and Elves don't hate each other, and only Celeborn distrusted Dwarves, and he used his power as their lord altered the policy. Thranduil as a Sindar prince have a good relationship will Dwarves after The Hobbit. It said "there was friendship in those parts between elves and dwarves and men."

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    • (Three Chinese having fun in English)

      根据多数玩家的表述,他们认为Dunland是一个十分邪恶的派系,尽管他们只是从名字来判断的(黑蛮地)。Dunland并不邪恶,只是“蛮”而已。况且。。。“黑“的确让人联想到魔多的黑色土地,黑乌鲁克,或者带点黑色的索大眼。Rohirrics and Dunledings hate each other,but we use the name that their ememy gave them,that is certainlly unfair.

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    • The men of the Mark don't hate Dunlendings. In The Two Tower, The Road to Isengard, The Men of the Mark only took their weapons.

      Help now to repair the evil in which you have joined, and afterwards you shall take an oath never again to pass the Fords of Isen in arms, nor to march with the enemies of Men; and then you shall go free back to your land. For you have been deluded by Saruman. Many of you have got death as the reward of your trust in him; but had you conquered, little better would your wages have been.


      The men of Dunland were amazed; for Saruman had told them that the men of Rohan were cruel and burned their captives alive.

      Dunlendings would be considered evil, because they march with the enemies of Men. Indeed, they are cheated and deluded by Saruman, but Free Folks would never mingle with Orcs.

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    • BronzeAir wrote: Rohirrics and Dunledings hate each other,but we use the name that their ememy gave them,that is certainlly unfair.

      There are few records of the Dunlending language, due to their lack of a written history and poor oral tradition.

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    • Oh,okay.

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