• There have been several suggestions to bolster Dol Guldur's armies, and for good reason. Prior to the addition of Gundabad Uruks, Gundabad was the punchbag of Middle Earth. Now, they have given that not so honourable title to Dol Guldur. True, they have Mirk-trolls, but they are rare and expensive, and ineffective at confined combat. I hereby provide a suggestion for Dol Guldur Uruks. These would be equal to Gundabad Uruks in every aspect, and give Dol Guldur a huge bolster in strength. This is also likely to be canon, as Dol Guldur was often reinforced with troops from mordor, and that includes Uruks. Now, I present the textures I have compiled.

    Guldur Uruk Melee Weapons

    DaggerDolGuldurUruk A Guldur Uruk Dagger.

    DaggerDolGuldurUruk poisoned A Poisoned Guldur Uruk Dagger.

    SwordDolGuldurUruk A Guldur Uruk cleaver.

    BattleaxeDolGuldurUruk A Guldur Uruk Waraxe.

    HammerDolGuldurUruk2 A Guldur Uruk Bludgeon.

    SpearDolGuldurUruk A Guldur Uruk Spear.

    PikeDolGuldurUruk A Guldur Uruk Pike.

    SwordDolGuldurUruk16 BattleaxeDolGuldurUruk16 HammerDolGuldurUruk16 2 SpearDolGuldurUruk16 PikeDolGuldurUruk16 DolGuldurUrukBow16

    These weapons would be crafted on a Dol Guldur Crafting table in the same way as Gundabad Uruk equipment. They would have a base damage of 7. Now for the bow.

    Guldur Uruk Bow

    DolGuldurUrukBow DolGuldurUrukBow pull 0 DolGuldurUrukBow pull 1 DolGuldurUrukBow pull 2

    A Guldur Uruk Bow and its drawing phases.

    The Guldur Uruk Bow would be quicker to draw than its Gundabad Counterpart, but deal slightly less damage. The range would be roughly equal. It would be be wielded by the archer units of the Guldur Uruks. It would be crafted with Uruk Steel on a Dol Guldur crafting table. Now, let's look at the armour.

    Guldur Uruk Armour

    GuldurUruk 1 GuldurUruk 2

    HelmetDolGuldurUruk BodyDolGuldurUruk LegsDolGuldurUruk BootsDolGuldurUruk

    The armour would have the same stats as Gundabad Uruk armour, and be crafted on a Dol Guldur crafting table with Uruk Steel ingots.

    Unit Hiring

    With 300 Dol Guldur alignment, you can hire the standard Guldur Uruk for 35 silver coins. With 350 alignment, the Guldur Uruk Archers become available, costing 40 coins apiece. At 400 alignment, you can hire Guldur Uruk Banner Bearers at 50 silver coins each. In order to induce balance, their counterparts from Gundabad should also follow this pricing scheme, in addition to recieving their own banner bearers.


    Guldur Uruks will spawn throughout Dol Guldur, and be about as common there as Gundabad Uruks are in the Misty Mountains. To counter that, Trolls should be much less common. In invasions, I think that the ideas of having them as part of Dol Guldur invasions or launching their own Uruk invasions are both plausible. That will be up to Mevans to decide. In addition, the Dol Guldur Orc Chieftain should be reworked to look like a Guldur Uruk, but without a helmet and wielding a skull staff.

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