• I bought 6 Hobbit Farmhands on the Official Server, and took them to my home. I put them in two separate garden beds, and let them farm.. Later, I noticed that 6 were in one side(the other is corn, so I can't see much there.) I figured that they might be the ones from the other side somehow gotten over the fence, but they were part of the squadron that was in that garden patch. I also noticed that all 6 had another exactly identical to it. I checked the corn patch, and the same thing happened. Evidently, Hobbit Farmhands can duplicate themselves on multiplayer.

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    • Do we know if this is specific to farmers, or does it happen with npcs/mobs/entities in general?

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    • This has been in the game since I first started playing in beta 24 and probably a lot longer than that. Hired units (usually farmhands) will duplicate, dissappear, or even end up in the wrong farm. I have several farms seperated by uruk steel bars (two blocks high) and the hobbit farmhands often change which farm they are in. I know this could be solved by putting full blocks inbetween the farms, but it just looks better being able to see through the bars.

      Edit: Changed out bars to full blocks with no change.

      @LOTRMod It is definitely not exclusive to farmers, I've seen it happen with hired gundabad orcs in beta 26 or 27 I think.

      As far as I can tell is has to do with unloading/loading chunks and possibly how the entity is saved during that process.

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    • Thanks for the information. Do you know if it happens all the time upon reloading, or only under certain circumstances? Please tell us everything about how and when it happens that you can.

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    • With me, pretty much all I can say is what I have.. They were in farming mode with a radius of 20, assigned to squadrons, and I ignored them for a while. The chunks I know were unloaded for a while, probably multiple times. Next time I noticed them, there were extra.

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    • For farmhands, it doesn't always happen when leaving and reentering chunks but that is the only time I have ever noticed it happening. As far as I can tell, its fine when all the chunks are unloaded and loaded simultaneously such as fast travel, but leaving and returning to my base on horseback or walking is when the duplicating and/or disappearing occurs.

      For the hired Gundabad Orcs I mentioned, it happened while the player was traveling. The orcs were teleporting to keep up with the player and after one of the teleports, there were 8 orcs instead of 4.

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    • This happened to me on one occasion when I had just hired 30 wood-elven units @ DotR. I had put them in guard mode outside my build while I was building and mining in the area. I also had been teleporting away and back from that same area while they had been parked there. After a few days I found they had multiplied and I had about 300 units. The chunk unloading-loading storage issue may be a plausible explanation. If you have a group of hired NPCs that move around and the timing of movements of these units is out-of-exact-sync with the unloading of chunks, I could imagine duplication may occur? The processing sequences for involved code procedures may be causing this issue when related to chunk loading/unloading?

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    • This happens to me with mainly farmers, occasionally units, and even random NPCs. I spawned a bunch in my capitol city, near some trees, and i right clicked one to talk, and about 100 of the same speech thingies popped up in the forest.

      As far as i can tell, this just happens randomly, but i dont mind! Its pretty cool buying 30 units and ending up with 300!

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    • I understand this is a 1,5 year old thread, but as it's still relevant, here's my experience of the past few days and hopefully useful information, as some of the assumptions above have proved not to be founded in my case:

      1. I only played single-player so far and not on a server, so the assumption of only occurring on server is not the case.

      2. It is not just duplication, but can be a manyfold multiplication: in my case 4 horses jumped up to over 50 in one go.

      3. This does not only happen with NPC's: I had not only hired units (Rangers), hobbit farmhands and (saddled+non-saddled) horses/deer multiply, but an Elven banner as well that hung above the door multiplied by about a dozen (forgot to count I'm afraid).

      4. The farmhand multiplication resulted in multiplication of their inventory as well, in my case seeds/wheat, though I am not sure in terms of the actual counts, as the farmhands were working on and I did not immediately check their inventory after they multiplied.

      5. In my case it happens mostly at one place, which is close to my original spawnpoint, irrespective of last point of sleeping. It always happened after fast-travel or game loading, though I cannot be sure whether it would happen when I return on foot or horseback, as I almost never return to this spawnpoint that way. I recall it once happened with hired Rangers at an other custom waypoint as well however.

      6. It never happened to me when moving NPC's with me, whether hired troops, farmhands or animals on a leash.

      7. When the multiplication occurs and I fast travel or restart the game, sometimes it gets set back to the original situation, in other words the copies get deleted and suddenly all is quiet.

      8. The last occasion was one where I coincidentally had a farmhand in sight when the system started up and the multiplication happened in front of my eyes: as the chunks loaded in, I saw the farmhand appear, then reappear multiply times at the same spot (like travelling traders do when they do not "jump out" from the spawnpoint and you see 3-5 of them morphed in one spot until they "separate"), until finally they separated and I had maybe 50 of them. With a similar amount in my other crops my system pretty much froze up and I had to reboot, then fast travel to avoid a crash and when returning, all was back to normal with the copies disappearing.

      I have the assumption that my slow laptop causes a lag, that enables these multiplications that are related to chunk-loading lag, as it loads an identical copy until it "catches up" with itself, similar to when a block cannot be placed due to lag, but your inventory shows one block less as if it has actually been placed . I can imagine that slow servers or ones where separate slow computers are connected, can cause such issues as well. I'm just speculating though, I guess if computer specs where brought in, it would make more sense to compare.

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    • JimMoriartyX wrote:
      This happens to me with mainly farmers, occasionally units, and even random NPCs. I spawned a bunch in my capitol city, near some trees, and i right clicked one to talk, and about 100 of the same speech thingies popped up in the forest.

      As far as i can tell, this just happens randomly, but i dont mind! Its pretty cool buying 30 units and ending up with 300!

      This was my initial reaction, but when my game crashed due to not being able to cope with 100 of them, I looked at it differently ;). Also, it makes commanding your farmhands much more difficult: the amount of crops is finite and harvesting is efficient up to the point of having maybe 3-4 farmhands for a 15x15 area for optimal speed, as crops will not grow any faster and will be harvested pretty soon after being ripe. Once you have 50 farmhands however, the amount of crops harvested within a given time will hardly increase (in fact, they may even interfere, trying to figure out who will harvest what first..), so your harvest will be spread over 50 of them. Not sure when they fill the chest with the harvested crops, but if that is only after reaching a certain limit, you may end up with 50 farmhands walking around with 20-30 wheat each, instead of the 2-3 of them having filled up your chest nicely, as their storage capacity filled up pretty quickly. Up to you whether you want 1000 wheat walking around (plus the clones all have the same name and walk around like chicken, so good luck emptying their inventories without meeting the same lad/lass twice..) or neatly in a chest ;) So it is in fact detrimental for an efficient harvesting economy. Sometimes less is more ;).

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