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    I'll try and tie the revisions together. I would like to know if you just found it without seeing my message that I would do it or not. If you didn't see that I was going to do it on that thread, then you are completely forgiven. If you did, just know that it is more hurt than help when someone does something that someone else is working on, in terms of the same page.

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    • Well I did not see that you were going to thatĀ page but IĀ Apolgized if caused any harm.

      Btw Are you going to work on Uruk Ct Page if not then I will do it.

      MysteryBlock The MysteryFTW (A Mysterious Contributor) (Fill my mailbox) MysteryBlock

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    • You may do that one. Also Near Harad needs a lot more recipes. A few notes though:

      1. There is an extra pipe right before the closing double curly braces in the template wherever you are copying it from. Please make sure that that pipe is not included. It doesn't hurt anything, but it isn't necessary, and an extra character.
      2. When you upload images, write the imagename in the grid first, then preview and use the redlink from the grid to upload the image using Special:Upload. Make sure that the imagename is the blockname with no spaces. Again, just a personal preference thing.
      3. When copying grids, make sure you change the the fields to the appropriate names, not just some. We can't have the recipe for the Near Harad Crafting Table page give the picture of a Morgul CT.
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